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I made a silly comedy thing

2018-01-17 15:18:55 by Lambtaco

Check out this stupid thing I made,

It's live action, so it's on Youtube but not NG. Just a quick thing to get me back into releasing stuff.

Last time on AKR3 Idea Blog we covered the Lakitu Shop. This week we’re doing a scrapped idea for multiple endings.

The idea is pretty simple. Based on some undisclosed factors the ending cutscene or possibly even the final boss would be different. Because the game will have multiple worlds you can play in any order like Super Mario Land 2, I was thinking the factor would be which world you completed last. That is, second to last, before the final world/level unlocked by beating all the others.

This is related to a story I’m no longer going to use. The scrapped story involved the Koopalings being mind controlled by an unknown entity, while Bowser is mysteriously missing once again. So the different endings would reveal who was responsible for that. Possibilities included Mario, Luigi, Sanic, and even Bowser himself.

And that would be kind of cool. But also potentially confusing. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Confusion can be part of the fun. But there are other reasons why I won’t be using it.

It would be very difficult to make all the endings equal. With seven or so endings, some are sure to be duds.
It’s a lot more work. Simply said.
I want to do a different story. One that’s less derivative.

I won’t reveal too much about the new story, but I really like this angle. I call it:

A Koopa’s Revenge 3: Mutiny

And that’s all for now. Maybe check out the AKR3:FAQ I started.

P.S. Posted this on my site a few days ago, but forgot to dupe it to NG. Sorry.

AKR3 Idea Blog #3: Lakitu Shop

2017-10-27 22:21:55 by Lambtaco

Welcome to the third installment in the A Koopa’s Revenge 3 Idea Blog. The series where I describe ideas I have that could potentially be a part of the upcoming A Koopa’s Revenge 3. Last time we discussed how characters are affected differently by the same powerups. This week it’s somewhat related, the Lakitu Shop.

Coins aren’t just for extra lives (and flower faces) anymore. You can spend your collected coins at the friendly roving Lakitu Shop.


Lakitu wants to help. He’s not much of a fighter, but he can carry a lot of items. He’ll ferry his shop to where ever you may be, but getting these items isn’t free, he needs to feed his family.

Before we get to the shop, I need to explain items. A Koopa’s Revenge 3 will use an inventory of powerups like in Super Mario Bros. 3, accessible from the map screen. In addition to this inventory, there is also a reserve box like in Super Mario World. You can collect items out in the world, take them out of your reserve box and store them for later use. Items for your inventory can also be found other ways, probably on the map. Items can be swapped between the map inventory and you reserve box so you can use powerups like starmen anywhere in a level, not just at the start.

Lakitu won’t buy any used powerups (gross) but any fresh powerups in your inventory that you don’t need can be sold. Finally, a use for all those plain mushrooms. But Lakitus are attuned to the market, the more of something you sell, the less it’s worth. Don’t flood the market or the price of mushrooms will crash. Conversely, if you keep buying fire flowers, expect the price to go up.

From the start of the game Lakitu’s selection will be limited to the basics, but once you find rarer and more interesting powerups Lakitu will know where to get them and keep them in stock. The more locations you find an item the game’s world, the less it will cost in the shop. Supply and demand, that’s Lakitu’s motto.

In addition to powerups available elsewhere, Lakitu shop carries some exclusive content. Escape vines are an item you can use in a level to leave without losing your progress (coins, powerups, and other valuables). Without an escape vine quitting before getting to the end of a level resets all your progress in that level. He also sells expansions for your personal inventory, so you can carry hold on to even more items.

A small side note. The face on Lakitu’s cloud will be randomly selected from a pool of available faces each time you visit the shop. Increasing your score will increase the size of the pool. Even more reason to grab coins and extra lives you don’t need.

That’s all there is to say about the Lakitu Shop for now. I’m more confident I’m actually going to use this idea, so I went with a more in universe tone. Stay tuned for more AKR3 Idea Blogs.

Endless Runner Demo

2017-10-17 17:52:56 by Lambtaco


I've been messing around with a small game to learn AS3. And I'd like to get some feedback from blind impressions. So here it is:

EDIT: Here's a higher res version on NG:

Here's the big youtube livestream I did to celebrate getting 10 000 subscribers, and releasing AKR2 v2.0. Sorry that I had the flu and sounded gross the whole time. Shit happens.

A Koopa's Revenge Version 2.0 Released

2017-09-16 14:33:14 by Lambtaco

The long delayed update to A Koopa's Revenge 2 is finally here:

The update includes: improved player control, better balanced powerups with new abilities, new skins for the bosses, new medals, a bunch of bug fixes, lots of new graphics, and more.

It's been exactly three years since the game came out. I made a lot of compromises to get the game finished back then, and this update seeks to bring the game closer to my initial vision. I didn't get everything in that I wanted, but I think the game is mechanically where it needs to be (minus any new bugs) and I'm proud of it. There will be a 2.1 update to fix any bugs that need testing, make some more graphical changes, and add an in-game medals display. That probably won't be out for a while though. I'm all koopa'd out and I need a break, unless I need to do a hotfix.

I want to thank all the v2.0 beta testers, and even the people who just said one thing and then buggered off. Every bit helps. Special thanks to AmericaCaptitan, TelFy, and supersonic6411 for being such dedicated testers. Sorry if I got short with anybody these last few days, it's been kinda stressful.

And if you're not sold on the game, here's the teaser:

Thanks for playing.

A Koopa's Revenge 2 version 2.0 is coming out in less than a day, and I've uploaded another version of the beta. It should be mechanically identical to the release version I'll be ptting up tomorrow. I still have a few sound effects to make, and some more graphical changes, but it's otherwise the final product.

I'll be doing a 2.1 to fix any new bugs, add universal medal support with an ingame display, and make a few more cosmetic changes I didn't quite have time to do before the deadline.

That's all for now.

AKR2 v2.0 Beta C

2017-09-12 15:38:58 by Lambtaco

I've uploaded the next beta for 2.0.

Beta Link:

If you're not seeing the new version, you may need to force a refresh, or clear your cache, which can erase your save file. Sorry again.

New stuff includes:

  • Changes to the pink switch and Koopa's pink form.
  • Changes to the swimming physics and animation, especially witht the water flower. (Water flower continues to receive buffs)
  • Morebug fixes.
  • Burgerstein and FSM finally have their new skins, and both have some minor fight changes, especially Burgerstein.
  • Ghostly waving fireball attacks.

At this point I'm initiating a feature freeze. For two reasons: 1 I don't want to get caught up and leave something unfinished, and 2 I don't want to introduce new bugs. Nothing new will be added to the game until after v2.0 releases unless already planned. Bugs will still be fixed.

Changes coming before release:

  • New map sprites to match the new appearances.
  • Tooltips for the new options. And correcting incorrect tooltips.
  • New page in the credits for v2.0 beta testers.
  • New Medals.
  • Various small graphics changes.
  • Changes to the mechanics for picking up and throwing mini marios (to match greg-eggs)
  • Fix the key glitching on moving platforms (it's been on my to do list for ages)
  • Sound effects for new pink switch.

The bad news is I'm going to have to postpone universal medal availability. I'm running low on time, and making an in-game medals display is proving to be more complicated than I anticipated.

That's all for now.

AKR2 v2,0 Beta B

2017-09-05 16:39:51 by Lambtaco

I've uploaded another beta. In the same place as the old one.

Beta Link

First thing to note is that old save backups won't import 100% right. This is because I eliminated the difficulty options, making the data 4 chracters shorter. Sorry about that. Bt the good news is I believe I've got it working right.

If you're not seeing the new version, you may need to force a refresh, or clear your cache, which can erase your save file. Sorry again. You can tell whether it's the newer version based on the location of the credits button on the main menu. The new version has the button above the "Prerelease v2.0" text.

Major changes include:

  • New skin for Saladro boss. The old skin also has updated artwork.
  • Changes to Saladro's behaviour. Carrots now come out of the floor, and have a longer lag between warning and attack. His radish-arm attacks are also changed.
  • New art and animations for some of Goomba and Shy guy's powerup states.
  • Greg-Egg behave more like koopa shells (in official Mario games) rather than vegetables.
  • Fixed pretty much all the bugs reported.

Thanks to all the testers who are reporting bugs and opinions. I hope to see more.

Full (incomplete) v2.0 Changelog

Reported Bugs List

AKR2 v2.0 Known Bugs

2017-08-29 17:19:03 by Lambtaco

This is a post to put bug reports for the AKR2v2.0 beta. Just so I don't get the same reports repeatedly.

  • Certain enemies[+ show the wrong enemy death when killed by invincible/screw attack. Status: Ongoing. I'll need to go around and kill every enemy to test them.
  • Jumping to your death just before giant mario punches through the tower causes it to disappear. Status: Fixed for next update. 
  • Rush stays suspended in the air after final Mario destroys the platform. Status: Fixed for next update.
  • Spiny (Sonic) jump state overrides space jump and/or screw attack. Status: Fixed for next update.
  • Pressing L+R to reenter a Switch Palace doesn't work using control scheme 6. Status: Fixed for next update.

Already fixed in current beta build:

  • Piranha Shrooms become motionless without hitboxes instead of dieing. My bad, I forgot to include an animation for the "knocked" death state after I changed some reactions. If they get killed by invincibility, shellsliding, or wing attacks. 
  • Imported saves not overwriting Enemies Killed or Coins Collected counts. Most of the options aren't importing properly. 
  • Pink Bob-ombs stay in above your head when you try to throw them.
  • Enemies knocked into the air when killed get stuck near untriggered invisible blocks.
  • Running at P-speed overrides holding object animation.
  • Shy Guy can't look up when standing on ice.
  • You can get stuck in a gap in the semifinal room of 3-4 by jumping into it and holding down. 
  • Getting damaged in a shiny egg shellslide/maskride/goomball form doesn't revert to the regular animation.
  • Jumping to your death in the room before Final Mario caused the camera to glitch.