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Lambta.co makes comedy sketches, cartoons, and games. Since I don't know what the purpose of friending is on NG, I'll be denying all requests.
Used to be MCSM Studios, and before that The_Green_M. Apologies for some of my more edgy older content.

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Im a musician.
I'm am very good (and modest too)
I'm sorry that you can't listen to my work on the audio portal, but I got banned, (long story, but i didn't do anything wrong)
I need a new project, and this sounds like the perfect thing.
I use audacity, sibelius, and mario paint composer (don't underestimate the powers of mario paint!!!)
If you could get me a screen shot, that would help.
And, where is it going to be set. What kind of age. Futeristic im guessing.
Would you like something epic, fastpaced, arcadey, or whatever.
PM me.
Give me a try.
Frogumm : )

I'd really need to know why you got banned form the Audio Portal before considering you as a team member. I think pretty mcuh anyone would.

i wish i could help but im not an animator nor a musician... ><

That's okay. You can offer moral support.

we know who Catoblepas is working with then?

Not me, turns out that team already had a programmer.

Hi, I would love to do your music. I am not a very big time musican, although, If giving this job, I will work extreamly hard and produce my best quality. Currenlty I am MindChambers Back Audio-person. So If you need my help send me a Pm.


Interesting style, well suited to video games. You probably won't read this so I'll send you a pm if I need a music guy.

Damn, beaten to it.
Is there any chance of teaming up with me and F-777?

Not a very big chance at this point, sorry.

Fuck Newgrounds.

No, fuck you!

I may be interested. Anything Mega Man-ish gets me on right away.

I may aswell post info about me:

-Been using Flash for five years for doing art and animation. Recently picked up making games.
-I have Portal Awards of my own and I was once the King of the Portal last year
-I know fair amount of ActionScript 2.0 aswell
-I have Wacom, if it's ever to be needed

Well, your style seems a little too tween-oriented for the type of game I want to make. Thanks for contacting me though.

Ok, here we go.
I just bought the new Lily Allen CD. I put it in my computer. SOmething popped up. It was a link to the secret website that could only be accesed with the disk. I desided to check it out. Once at the website, I saw that i could download all the track stems from all the new songs, free.
I downloaded the track stems for 'Fuck You.'
I had never remixed before, but I had a faint idea what to do.
I inported all the stems into audacity, and spent the next three weeks remixing it.
Finaly, my work was done. I was happy with the results. I had created something new out of old material.
I decided to showcase my work in the newgrounds audio portal.
As it was my first audio submision, I had to wait for an admin to verify that it was my own work. I didn't see any problem. It was my own work. I had just taken insperation and material from someone else.
I waited and waited, but nothing happend.
About a month later, I finished a compleatly new, compleatly original song. I desided to submit this to the portal. Once I had uploaded it and filled out the nessasery spaces, I clicked submit and the folling message poped up:
"You have been banned from submitting to the audio portal"
That is my story.
If you haven't already accepted Luxson, please send me a PM.

That's really weird as the audio portal is full of remixes. Very odd indeed.