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Lambta.co makes comedy sketches, cartoons, and games. Since I don't know what the purpose of friending is on NG, I'll be denying all requests.
Used to be MCSM Studios, and before that The_Green_M. Apologies for some of my more edgy older content.

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Comments (7)

Hey! I loved working with you and testing this beta version! I'm glad it's finnaly here. When do you think 2.1 will come out? October or november?
And it's not AmericaCapitan, it's AmericaCaptitan.
Btw, I will remove the video link from the comment I submitted and delete the comment, and I will send to you a private mensage with the link, I don't want anyone to see it but you. I'm new to newgrounds, I don't knew about these private mensages.

Probably October or November, yeah. Unless I add more stuff. I'm considering adding a boss rush and sequential 2-player. Depends on whether I'm still sick of working on the game when I get back to it.

D'oh. I think I copy/pasted that a couple of places. Will have to fix.

Alrighty. But I think I got what I needed from it.

After Version 2.1 what will be after this?

Nothing for AKR2. Game-wise I've got that AVGN game that's nearly done, and I'm going to port AKR Gold to AS3 so I can have mobile and PC versions. I also have some cartoons I want to make.

Will you work on AKR 1 remake?

Maybe. I'm a little koopa'd out right now.

The update is amazing, I'll probably try to beat the game again now xD

Spanks. Kick the game's ass.

I am 2.0 beta tester!

Huh, well I seem to be late to the party. Looks good though! Oh, and did you change my old username to the current one in the credits?

I think so. I think I did that a few updates ago, but I could be thinking of another person who changed their username.

Well, I finished it about a week or two ago. I would consider this version to be the definitive one by far. Great improvements were made and there were some details that I would've never thought of to add. I really consider this a solid game and I'm glad to see it worked out for you. Oh and yeah, my name was changed in the credits, thank you for that! Anyway, I'll be looking forward to whatever you come up with next. Keep it up.

Thanks. Good to know it payed off.