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AVGN Fan Game Alpha Build Goes Public

Posted by Lambtaco - May 20th, 2019

Been ages since I did a blag. Sorry 'bout that.

I've decided to open my WIP AVGN fan game to the public. I had previously been a bit cagey about beta testing in general due to some harassment issues (long story), but I think I'm okay now. So here it is, for anyone with an NG account to check out:



I have to reiterate that this is a work in progress. Only levels 1 through 4 are complete. I plan on adding more weapons and enemy types, as well as sprucing up the level graphics a bit. The next big project is adding in a sophisticated cheat system that takes 4 letter words as inputs and unlocks all sorts of cheats, ranging from changing your starting weapon, moon jumps, invincibility, to at least one secret character. These cheats will all be turned on and off from the pause menu.

Believe it or not, I've been working on this game on and off for like ten years now. It's never been my #1 priority, so I keep pushing it aside year after year. But I like it. There's a bit of a ticking clock running, as I started the project in AS2, so it will need to remain swf only (AKR2 is in the same boat). That means it will be much harder to play after the Flash player dies off at the end of 2020. But that gives me a soft deadline. Ideally, I'd like to have this done this year, but there's a lot of work to do, not just in finishing the last levels and bosses, but in refining the game. It's still kind of rough as it is. We'll see.

So if you're interested take a few minutes to check out the game and give me some feedback, either here, or on my discord server: https://discord.gg/8AjqeCz

In semirelated news, I have been working on the Boss Rush update for AKR2, and the remake of AKR1: A Koopa's Revenge Gold. Mostly AKR Gold. I should have a video on that one out soon. I've been sharing a few screenshots and asking for feedback on discord and Twitter.



Comments (2)

Will you not working on Koopa 3 due with Adobe Flash Player in 2020?

Not 100% clear on what you're asking. AKR3 will continue whatever happens with Flash in 2020.

Ok so if Adobe Flash Player will end in 2020 you never work anymore on movies and games sadly.

That's the opposite of what I said. Can't tell if you're trolling me or not.

I don't need the Flashplayer to make games or movies. It's just a convenient way to publish games on the web.