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Sorry for not updating

Posted by Lambtaco - February 16th, 2009

Sorry for not updating or responding to comments lately. I got Little Big Planet and it's been keeping me very busy. That and life is also getting in the way. I've got a few days off work so I'll try to catch up. If you want to try my LBP levels my PSN ID is Burgerstein

Comments (9)

its ok :P anyway alot are getting 'stuck' on ths LBP.. you know what i mean...

So you finnaly have a PS3, i reccomend getting burnout paridise because it has brilliant graphics, 70 cars = more if you have expansions and cheats and more than 130 events in different types like race, road rage, marked man, stunt run and burning routes.

Meh, I'm not really into racing, or even graphics.

umm.. remember about that video i told you that i made (koopa's revenge 2 trailer)? well... people are posting bad comments about it... this is one of em

lol how lame look at koops he doesnt even look like a turtle plus in one part he jumps like a frog lol!!! what a frawd

by blendtroop....

WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM!? seriously... everything looks good to me. i think they dont know what they are doing

Whatever. Youtube comments aren't exactly the most reliable measure for public opinion. But I have to say those criticisms are very odd,

i think they dont like the new koopa's looks now.. i like it alot (not in the gay way) but it looks total normal koopa to me... oh well...

youtube isnt like newgrounds

i noticed your pic changed. (lol burger with eyes)

speaking of your on lbp.. im on shadow the hedgehog xD

It's a Burgerstein, half cheeseburger, half Frankenstein monster.

wow. the entry is always filled with loads of comments (over 10) looks like they either forgot about it..

Sentence fragment!

wow... this comments is all filled with mine (and 1 comment from Eatemipstudios) and responds... o.o

I din't do this one as a front page post. So no one really saw it.

Sorry i havn't commented in a while but i have been very busy. I now have braces and i have changed schools. Here are some more ideas.
Enemy ideas.
1) An enemy for sky or ice could be Druids. They don't attack koopa directly but raise and lower normal ground until they are defeated, which stops koopa from from progressing. Also they can raise the ground they are standing on so koopa must run at full speed and jump or shell spin.
2) An enemy for ghost houses could be yoshi's that look like zombles and have chains around their arms that they can use for a raned attack.

Good to know you didn't die or something.
1) I could possibly do something like that but it's a lot of work to program. Guess we'll jusy have to see what happens.
2) I think I'm going to keep the ghost houses a little more serious.

oh okay.

i got a level idea (for first time this year a level idea)

a land level where there is a part where a chomp boulder chases the koopa....
there will be enemies on the way, keep running insted try kill the enemies....
there will be some holes too....
at the end there will be a cave which the boulder blocks the koopa inside....
and then there is the flag, pull it down tarararara done.

I don't know if I'd want to make a whole level a chase level, maybe just the first or second half.