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Attention Class.

Posted by Lambtaco - April 27th, 2009

PENIS. That is all.

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I fucking hate Science class.


[/gay peoples' existence]


-wears robotnik mask- PINGAS!

But teacher, we didn't learn anything.

What happened to koopas revenge 2?

Working on it.

3 things.
1) What is the point of this news post?
2) When will you do more koopa 2 news?
3) For a koopa 2 enemy you could use the gyroids in animal crossing, they could appear in volcano and pyramid levels, they could stand still on a raised platform and jump down and ground pound when koopa is close.

1) It entertained me, an dit lets people know I'm not dead.
2) When something significant comes up.
3) I'm not sure what those are.

The animal crossing gyroids are the things you save your game with, they look like this <a href="http://www.wiiwii.tv/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/gyroid.jpg">http://www.wiiwii.tv/wp-content/uploa ds/2008/09/gyroid.jpg</a>
Here is some music that could work with a castle or the yoshi mini boss <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/71549">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/71549</a>

It loks like a cross betwen a cactus, a cork, and a fire hydrant.

It's pretty long, too much of the same thing.

Maybe you could make a boss out of some of these:-
2) Medical needle (my ONLY fear...injections).
3) Dictionary
4) bottle of ink
5) Dumbell
6) TV
7) Cheeseburger
8) Camera
9) Tennis racket
10) Car battery
Maybe you could use burgersteins as an enemy of some kind?

OMG yes. Burgerstein will be a boss. I can see it now.

maybe a boss could be mario magicing a ballay tiharha (the crown things they wear on their heads) into an obese ballerina with the lower half completely covered in spikes, it sttacks as follows:-
Spike slam: Everytimw the ballerina moves she jumps and slams down and will hurt koopa if he is under her.
Super smack:- The boss jumps up high and slams down full force and makes bricks from the ceiling fall down to the arena.
Spinning top: The boss spins around like a spinning top and goes left to right for 10 seconds.
This could be the second boss because she is slow and it takes only 7 jumps to beat her. You decide if you want to use it.

IT's a better idea than most, but I don't really like it. BALLET.

meh. idk what other ideas to use.

all i know is few of em.

create a special world called 'wackyland'

the enemies in wacky land will look a bit wierd (except the koopa)

all of them can be small, tall, thin, fat, badly drawn, best drawn.... etc etc

the boss of the world can be a badly drawn koopa.

the badly drawn koopa is like the normal koopa (except badly drawn ofcourse)

-some floating boxes will come up, contains special power.
-you must get it first before the badly drawn koopa does.
-when he does he will attacks like the normal koopa. small rate of the floating boxes can have power star.
-when the badly drawn koopa gets it he will start going left and right fast as he can till the power star is done.
-his weakness is like a normal koopa's. keep stomping and shoot at him.
-when he doesnt have any shell he will start running around till a power box comes up

Interesting idea. You're confusing Power Stars with Starmans though.

so does that mean my idea is chosen? or at least part of the idea?

Perhaps part of it. I'm unsure of what to do with the fourth world. I was thinking Forest, or maybe Tiny/Huge Land. Itmight just end up wackyland.

you can use wackyland as a secret bonus world

also umm... about the heads thing can you make heads about the other people? especialy the one who helped?
like me and Eatemupstudios?

I don't recall this heads thing you speak of.

I just want to point out 1 thing. Wacky land is a commonly visited place in the cartoon tiny toon adventures.
Also a better bonus for me and inspectertaz and maybe the others who suggested loads could be ULTRA secret levels based around us, I suggested this AGES ago but i have another idea for a level based around me, the theme would still be candy but some obstacles could be:-
1) pits of soda with thin platforms of candy rock sticking out that go up and down.
2) Pits of caramel that act like quicksand.
3) Jellys that act like spring platforms
4) marshmallows that couls act like unstable platforms.
5) Doughnut boulders.
Music for the level IF you use it could be <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/94211">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/94211</a> (Since the level would permenently take place at night).
And inspectertaz, what do you like in general, something that would represent a level of you if mcsmstudios chooses to do this.
P.S The head idea wouldn't work because mcsm studios doesn't know what our heads even vaugley look like and i'm 14 and am not about to put a picture of me on the internet.

Interesting idea but I don't think that song even remotely works witha candy theme. Good job avoiding stranger danger.

heads? not a problem for me.. i can insert my face in... and NOT my actual face... my 'gaia' head XP

my world level idea? well...

World name: Resident KoopLand
Enemies type: skeleton, zombie
Boss: Huge Zombie Toad
Boss attacks:
1: Zombie Summoning (casts enemies come up to surface in random spots)
2: Zombie Smash (smashes the floor two times then his hands gets stuck there for a while)
3: THIS IS ZOMBIE DOOM! (starts kicking around the stage for few seconds)
Boss Weakness: Head
Strategy: hes big... and you cant reach his head by jumping nor throwing stuff, when he does the Zombie Smash, jump on his hand and jump onto his head)
Boss HP: 3-6 jump on head

Interesting, but I don't think I'll make these, guys. It's just one more thing to delay the game's release. And you wouldn't want that, would you?

So basically yours would be like a haunted graveyard nightmare land. i like the sound of it, now we just need mcsm studios to make the verdict. If my level had a boss it would be...
... Candy queen.
A female version of fred basset with a candy made thone that can fly. She attacks as follows.
1) Swoop- She swoops down in an ark to hit koopa.
2) Bon bon bomb bomb- The throne opens a hatch underneath and drops out 3-5 bon bon bomb's as it goes left and right.
3) Gum sheild- The thrown blows a bubble around it to sheild it from 1 jump until it is popped or 10 mseconds pass.
It can't be too complex because that would delay the games release, i would have wanted a chocholate button centipede but according to mcsm studios &quot;chain creatures are a bitch to code&quot;.
Now all we need is mcsm studios to except the idea and maybe grandmasterchaotix and hero88go1 to give a level idea. I have to go now because it's my dungeons and dragons night and i'm feeling questy.

lol, D&D.

actualy i want my world in a city and at the end where there is the boss it will be a haunted graveyard.

Maybe you could add rideable mine carts for some underground levels.

I actually drew a mine cart at one point. But I don't think I'm going to use it. Intergrating the minecart sections into the game seems too hard. It would be simple to do Kirby like mine cart rides, but those suck. It'd have to be DKC quality, which I could do, but integrating it into the game would be a major pain.

How about a special level in space something like mario galaxy only thing 2-D where you have 2 collect coins (with koopa shells as the picture on the coin) and you have 2 collect 100 of those coins and once you do a dark star will teleport you out of the level. What do you think?

It's certainly different. I actually tried to code a 2D Mario Galaxy. Only as a test. maybe I'll show that off some day.

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