A Koopa's Revenge 2 Beta Starting November 16th

2013-10-21 16:10:45 by Lambtaco

Starting November 16th 2013 I'll be running a closed beta for my long awaited sequel game, A Koopa's Revenge 2. I'm looking for volunteer beta testers. Professionalism is appreciated, but I'm not going to be too picky. Anyone interested can leave a comment or PM me, and tell me why you want to beta test the game (just something so I can weed out people who will be too lazy to give feedback)

I've been procrastinating on this for ages. Mostly because of a feeling of, "It's been years, what's another month?" It's time to stop that shit. The game's basically done in my head, I just need to get the remaining code and art down on the page. I'll start the beta November 16th whether or not the game is completed.

Here's the (now laughably outdated) first game:

A Koopa's Revenge 2 Beta Starting November 16th


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2013-10-21 17:25:23

Good luck!

Lambtaco responds:

Don't worry. I'd never cancel it. I've put it on hiatus many times, but it's going to finish.


2013-10-21 23:50:41

I'll test for ya'. I like seeing games evolve from this to that & get polished before release. I dunno why, just do.

Lambtaco responds:

Sweet, you're in.


2013-10-22 10:29:39

You've gotta be kidding me. A sequel to a game more than 10 years old? ROFLROFLROFLROFL
Hell, I remember playing that game when I got Internet for the first time when I was a kid. If you're going to do it, it would be an honor to be a beta tester, although I haven't ever been one :P

Lambtaco responds:

For your information, it's only 7 years and 10 months old. :P


2013-10-22 13:59:13

Alright, I'll Beta test KR 2! :D
I wanna beta test it because I've ALWAYS been waiting for KR 2 since KR 1. Thank you. :)

Lambtaco responds:

Cool. Good to know people still care.


2013-10-22 15:01:28

Hey, bud. I'm curious to see. PM me a test link if you want, I'll fool around with it and send you a review.

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks. But I'm going to wait until Nov 15 to show anything of it. It's not quite ready.


2013-10-22 21:25:42

I've been waiting for this game at last! I want to be a beta tester... sinalways been a huge fan of AKR and I guess it'll be worth the wait. (:

Lambtaco responds:

Okay, you're in too.


2013-10-22 21:27:10

*since I've always been a huge fan
(sorry about that last comment!)


2013-10-22 23:06:27

Definitely want to be a beta tester! I've been waiting since I discovered the first game... at least 4 or 5 years ago, probably more. As to why I want to? Well, obviously there's the desire to end the waiting, which is my main motivation. But I've beta tested a some games before, and I think I'll give good feedback on this one, given how excited I am for it.
Hmm... any other reasons? *Thinks*
I think that's about it.

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks for sticking around. I'll let you test.


2013-10-23 12:24:00

Nice, first game was pretty fun, glad to hear your still working on the sequel.


2013-10-24 08:38:01

Sign me in!!
Lol, I remember the NG alpha thing
Good ol' days

Lambtaco responds:

You're signed.


2013-10-26 14:12:01

Glad to hear!
I think that the game is 99% completed.

Lambtaco responds:

The percentage is subjective, but in terms of filesize it's probably 98% done.


2013-10-29 19:49:04

Hello old friend, it's been while huh? My original PC couldn't work newgrounds after the update, then my internet connection died, then I got into Deviantart (I go by Cragmiteblaster) and writing total drama fanfiction ... then I started university. It's been a complete hurricane and trainwreck of activity and stuff and I just didn't have time. You have my sincerest apologies for being gone for SO long.

But I've occasionally checked here every now and then, though since you hadn't added anything new I thought you were gone. Well, in any case, it's nice to see you're still around.

I'd be honoured to Beta Test; I've been a fan for so long, still play the original sometimes. I say it's time to finish what we started (by we I mean you doing everything and me commentng and giving suggestions).

If you want to get ahold of me easier, here's my Deviantart- http://cragmiteblaster.deviantart.com/

Lambtaco responds:

It's been a long while. Most of my newer stuff has been in live video format and thus hasn't gone to NG. Ofcourse you'll be a beta tester.


2013-11-02 07:17:27

Holy bloddy shet, is this for real? Wow, you probably don´t know how excited I am, AKR 1 is hands down one of my favourite flash platformers ever, maybe is not the best one technically talking, but hey, the originality, the simple but effective design and difficulty (Super Secret level anyone?) its the thing that made me play it over, and over, and over again.

I want to be part of the beta, i have been waiting for this game for 4 years (aprox). and I want to help finding mistakes, bugs and stuff.

Question: Will the game have newgrounds achievements?

Keep the awesome work up, and greetings from Spain!

Lambtaco responds:

Always good to hear from old fans. I've been flip flopping on whether or not to add medals, they seem kind of pointless and would delay the game more, but tons of people seem to want them. You will be a tester, I just hope the game is hard enough for you.


2013-11-03 17:58:37

I also like that image too. :P
It looks pretty funny. XD


2013-11-04 19:37:19

hey pleas make my test the game.i no have good with PC but i have crazy for play the game.pleeaasss.PS:sorry it is something wong but i have from brazil.

Lambtaco responds:

As long as you can give comprehendable feedback, it should be fine. You're in.


2013-11-05 10:12:39

hey with the game is complete is available to download?i crazy for play the game.i have wait this at so very time.please. I really want to be a tester. From Brazil.

Lambtaco responds:

Yeah. It will be availabl for download.


2013-11-05 22:29:48

about time man, thank god.
good work!


2013-11-06 10:55:59

will be a pleasure to test the game, but how will it be? you geve me a link, or something else?

Lambtaco responds:

I'll be using the NG projects system. I added everybody as beta-testers.


2013-11-07 09:19:57

So, with the NG projects system we're all beta testers?

Lambtaco responds:

Eveyone I add to the list on the project page. You want in?


2013-11-07 17:13:14

Also, MCSM, what time will this BETA testing start? Like, I know it starts at 16th November but at what time would it start though?

Lambtaco responds:

I'm hoping to have it ready by midnight Newgrounds time (GMT-4) But if something goes wrong I may need more time. I'll make a new news post when it gets closer.


2013-11-07 19:27:45

day does not pass ever!!'m hoping like crazy to play the game!! I play the first try and settle over me no good .... I can only hope so........


2013-11-07 22:13:17

i loved the game the first time i played it,it will be a pleasure to test this game

Lambtaco responds:

Okay, you shall test as well.


2013-11-08 03:28:16

Ooooh, ok then. Thanks.


2013-11-08 11:53:18

One last question before I'm done, where will it take place? Will it take place in newgrounds?
Just askin'.

Lambtaco responds:

Yeah, on Newgrounds, using the project system.


2013-11-08 14:15:15

I'll go in the house of one of my cousins.Who works on google and understands very of computer.he is kind of a genius of PC. if I could speak with him.


2013-11-08 21:43:26

"You want in?"
Hell yeah bro, count me in!

Lambtaco responds:

You're in.


2013-11-09 07:14:19

Aaaaaaalrighty then. Atrin AWAY! Lol.


2013-11-10 14:09:56

I really would like to test the game too. I liked he first one so much and I´m a big fan of your work :)
Greetings from Germany

Lambtaco responds:

Then, test you shall.


2013-11-14 16:53:38

It's going to start tomorrow. I'm really excited. :D


2013-11-15 13:41:59

One last question: if we choose to be the goomba for example, will be only one level or will it be permanent?

Lambtaco responds:

Semi permanent. You can change characters by going to a specific level (the level that includes the tutorial and other such things) and entering a particular room. I'm going to mkae it more convenient in the final game.


2013-11-15 14:46:25

Oh god it's going to start in a few hours... I'm so excited. :D


2013-11-15 19:22:51

I do not think I can sleep tonight ... I'm excited!! can not wait to play this game. i'm wait years for this game :D.I greatly appreciate your work.