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A Koopa's Revenge 2 v2.0 Open Beta Begins

Posted by Lambtaco - August 29th, 2017

Hello, peoples.

I'm releasing a revised version of my game, A Koopa's Revenge 2. It's a big update that polishes the game and fixes lingering bugs. I would have liked to have it done ages ago, but I had some mental health problems (long, private story) that prevented me from getting this done in a timely fashion.

The update includes more balanced powerups, upgraded artwork, improved physics, new skins for the first five bosses, a system for importing and exporting saves, and more.

Full AKR2 Changelog Here

Anyway, I'm looking for volunteer testers. Everyone with an NG account is approved to view the beta. I mostly need dedicated testers who can beat the whole game and seek out bugs and inconsistencies, but I'd also love to hear from someone who's never played the game before.

List of Known Bugs

For those dedicated testers, these are the things I'm most concerned with:

  • The importing and exporting of save files. If something isn't working properly, let me know so I can fix it before release.
  • Any inconsistencies in enemy behaviour or reactions to weapons. I changed the way a lot of weapons work, and how enemies react to them, and I want to be sure everything is in line. Tell me if an enemy uses a depreciated death animation for instance.
  • Testing the new physics. How does it feel? Is platforming easier, or harder? Is it possible to get stuck somewhere?
  • Did I forget to put something in the changelog? I didn't start logging everything until a while after I started this project, and I'm sure I just forgot some things.
  • Are there any graphics you feel aren't up to the standard set by the rest of the game.
  • Any ideas for medals? I have a few of my own, but I'd like to have a ton.

The update is due September 16. Exactly three years since the game first released. I'll probably do some more smaller updates after that, in case something isn't ready on time, or more bugs pop up.

Beta Link for A Koopa's Revenge 2 v2.0

Thaks for reading and/or testing.

Comments (56)

When is the remaster of A Koopa's Revenge 1 coming out though? Was it cancelled?

It's still coming. I just wanted to finish this first, since it was so much closer to being done.

Also, I promised a lot of people that they could backup their saves.

A Koopa's Revenge? I never thought I'd hear that name again. Awesome!

It's back, baby!


I played and its amazing thanks for making this!

Ya welcome.


Dude. Never thought I'd hear from this game again, haha
good on you! Best of luck finishing this <3


Oh dude i thought you wasn't updating that game any more but u did. Its awesome. Keep up the good work!!!

I wasn't going to. But as time went on I noticed a lot of things that needed polishing. Plus people kept losing their saves so I needed to add a backup system.

I loved all the new changes! But there's a weird bug with the cape. if you hit a piranha mushroom with it, the piranha will be paralyzed.
And I think it should be good if you added a new power to the water flower (like throw ice cubes that slide on the ground and freeze the enemy for a certain time, and if you throw the enemy like a plant, it would explode with ice particles) and change the new night boo flower power (if you press attack, it will throw a purple fireball, but it will follow a straight line. if you hold the UP button, it will go straight upwards, and if you hold DOWN, it will go straight down). But these are just ideas. What do you think?

I'll have the piranha shrooms fixed for the next update.
I don't really have time to implement and test something as complicated as freezing and throwing enemies. Ghost fireballs should probably behave differently than regular ones, but I'm not sure controlability is the best route.
Thanks for the report and suggestions.

I did seen an bug in level 1-1. When i was entering first pipe (looks like pipe in super mario bros. when you complete level 1-1)i have seen 4 mushrooms (goombas) walking like always. I wanted to do run-slide combo,but when i seen back,i did seen one of the mushroom IN THE PIPE! I mean,it was not ON pipe,it was IN pipe! So plz fix it.

Also,you could add green flower,giving you to shoot green balls. But you can control them when shooted. If you shoot it while running,it with move faster.

And you could add an enemy relased to koopa,it could be Peach's crown with angry blue eyes. That crown is named ''Crowny'' and it could have only eyes and blue shoes like goomba.

Also,i love game. Add more bosses please! Your idea for bosses! BYE!

I can't seem to trigger that glitch. I know there have been some issues with collision detection for enemies near the boundaries of the screen, but so far they seem rare. I'll add it to my glitch list as a low priority for now. Thanks for reporting.

Not going to be adding more powerups, but I am open to altering existing ones.

That's an interesting enemy idea. I think that may actually be a better version of my spiny shrooms.

I might add another boss, depending on how much time I have after making the new boss skins, adding new medals, etc.

water suit thing: I understand, you don't have time to do this ice ball thing. but can you add some another random power to it? if you are outside of the water and outside of the ice world, it's useless. but you can still try to release this ice ball thing on the 2.1 update of AKR2 or in AKR3.
night ghost suit thing: I really think that controllability is good for this power, it's already a big power, so the secondary attack power should not be that unique. but if you want something different, I had an idea: in SMW, some ghosts move on a wavy line, right? so that's what I thought: with the night ghost suit, press attack, you will launch a mini ghost. it will go on a wavy line, its sprite will look like a small SMW ghost (maybe it can look like the character that you are using). it can pass through walls, like ghosts. when it hits an enemy, it will kill him, explode and disappear.
bugs: I found more bugs: in the first room of level 4-5, there are some flying fireballs, if you touch them, it will do nothing; if you run long enough with something on your hands, it will flying, try to animate the thing on your hands to the character still be holding it; that cape bug also works with the star power; if you use the day bone suit and launch a boomerang, it will not come back if it touches on the border of the screen, can you fix this?
btw, will you re-skin all the bosses? i loved this new style.
what do you think? if you still think you don't have time to do these ideas, try to use them on update 2.1 of AKR2 or in AKR3. and sorry for my bad English, I'm Brazilian.

I really wanted to make it a mobility powerup, like the frog suit. Maybe I can add a minor attack like the wing spin, or some sort of defensive utility.

I was just thinking the fireball in a wavy line, but I do like the idea of it passing through walls.

I fixed the fireballs, the arms out while holding an object bug, and the piranha shroom. Not sure if I want to fix the boomerangs as that's working as intended. Any particular reason why you'd want the boomerangs to not disappear at the screen edge?

I'll be reskinning all the non-Mario bosses. And some of the Mario ones will get some art improvements.

I might use some of the ideas. Your english is fine; I've seen much worse.

Thanks for the bug reports and suggestions.

oh no... ther's a BIG bug. in the final confrontation, i can't throw bob-ombs! how can i beat it?

I already fixed that. You'll have to clear your cache or force a refresh to load the new swf.

@Lambtaco and thanks for the forced refresh thing. I will stop commenting. i will comment again if i find more bugs. BYE!

some last suggestions i have after completing the beta: I think the spiny goomba should be orange and have more spikes; the goomba should have a P-running animation. maybe he can be shaking his tail?; goomba should have his own DOWN+ATTACK sprite when he is using the tanooki flower; it fells weird when i jump with the spiny flower, its sprite keeps glitching, try fix it; sometimes when i jump into walls, it stops moving up, i don't know if you wanted this to happen; i think that if you press UP+JUMP, the character should move higher in the water, like in SMW.
thanks for letting us to test the beta!

Maybe red-orange. But I want to stick to one spike, since it makes him a spiked goomba from Paper Mario https://www.mariowiki.com/Spiked_Goomba Maybe I could give him spiked shoes though.

It's hard to get a good P-run for Goomba since he has no arms. The tail doesn't really work because he doesn't always have one, I could make hand magically appear like when he picks stuff up, but that might be too jarring.

If I change a down+attack it might actually be Koopa's. Tanuki goombas have actually turned into thwomps in the Mario & Luigi games. Plus I'm changing Koopa's pink variety so that it's more unique.

I'm pretty sure it does that with all powerup states. I think I was trying to do something to help let, you walljump earlier, but whatever it was, it's drawbacks are overpowering any benefits so I'll try to reverse it.

I totally didn't even know that SMW thing was a thing. I thought you were mistaken so I went to test it, and yep, it's a thing. Shouldn't be too hard to add. SMW also does a thing where it glues you to the water's sruface unless you press B to jump out. I might try to add that to.

Alright I have some Good news and Bad news... Good news is That THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK MY FAVORITE GAME!!!!!!! Bad news is.... I can't see with the big Beta Word on it T-T

Sorry about that. I just don't want to get scooped on youtube videos or have the game misrepresented by unfinished gameplay leaking out. I found it was pretty easy to get used to, since it doesn't actually obscure any information, just inverts some pixels.

The other good news is you can play it without the watermark in one week.

@Lambtaco Goomba's tail could shake just when it has the tanooki/flying flower, it indicates that he can fly; what are you thinking to change in koopa's down+attack sprite? maybe he can turn into a statue, like in SMB3? and if this happens, goomba will stay with the thwomp; but about the glitching sprite of the spiny flower? it keeps turning on the normal sprite for a miliscond.

The tail could shake, but whenever you can fly there's a big P-meter at the bottom flashing so it's already pretty obvious. If I can't come up with something that would be visible in all powerup states before the deadline I'll add the tail shake.

It will probably be a statue that relates to his new pink form.

When is the spiny sprite glitching? It looks fine to me, but I might be missing something.

Also, I think the bone flower lava power is too overpowered. can you make it receive damage for bosses' lava/acid attacks, like on the mario castle bosses? it's too easy.

It's pretty powerful, but it's also quite rare. Without that ability it's not very different from the hammer ability.

If it weren't already in previously released versions of the game I'd consider coming up with a different ability to replace it. But I'd rather not nerf something that's in the released version of the game.

When will you add the new boss skins in the beta? If you did already, How do you make them show up?

I did. The first three bosses. Pause on the map and go into the options to change the skin set.

I liked that idea of the magic hands appearing. Try to add that later and see if it looks good; yes, there's a problem with the spiny flower sprite. Jump with it. It's sprite will keep changing back to the normal sprite for a milisecond everytime. This don't happens with the dash sprite, only with the jumping one.

I'll test out the hands, but I'm pretty sure it will look weird. The spiny jump is working as intended. It's supposed to look like Sonic when he jumps.

and I want you to make the pipe traveling speed faster. it's pretty slow. can you try to double the pipe traveling speed? it's slow specially when the pipe takes you to another place of the same room.

I don't think I'll increase the overall speed, because it may cause unforeseen problems, but I can speed up the one screen pipes. The one in 2-A comes to mind. I'll try and find the others.

ok. i don't like this sprite changing while jumping with the spiny flower, it feels very weird. but if you programmed to do this, it's okay. i think you tried to animate the jump to see sonic sometimes, but it got bad. try to change the animation to make the character look more like sonic jumping. try to make the character's sprite spin, like this:
or this:
I think it feels weird because the frame changing is too slow and maybe the frame order is different.
but i still think that the overall pipe traveling speed is a little bit slow compared to other mario games.

The other two characters look a lot better than Goomba. He's not a tetrapod, so he doesn't fit all the standard poses. I had the character flashing faster and with as much time as the spiny egg, but it looked weird. Trust me.

It's only a little slow, so it's not worth trying to fix this close to the deadline. Changing the speed could cause all kinds of weird and unpredictable things. Or it could do nothing. But I can't take the chance right now.

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