AKR2 v2.0 Beta C

2017-09-12 15:38:58 by Lambtaco

I've uploaded the next beta for 2.0.

Beta Link: http://www.newgrounds.com/projects/games/528371/preview

If you're not seeing the new version, you may need to force a refresh, or clear your cache, which can erase your save file. Sorry again.

New stuff includes:

  • Changes to the pink switch and Koopa's pink form.
  • Changes to the swimming physics and animation, especially witht the water flower. (Water flower continues to receive buffs)
  • Morebug fixes.
  • Burgerstein and FSM finally have their new skins, and both have some minor fight changes, especially Burgerstein.
  • Ghostly waving fireball attacks.

At this point I'm initiating a feature freeze. For two reasons: 1 I don't want to get caught up and leave something unfinished, and 2 I don't want to introduce new bugs. Nothing new will be added to the game until after v2.0 releases unless already planned. Bugs will still be fixed.

Changes coming before release:

  • New map sprites to match the new appearances.
  • Tooltips for the new options. And correcting incorrect tooltips.
  • New page in the credits for v2.0 beta testers.
  • New Medals.
  • Various small graphics changes.
  • Changes to the mechanics for picking up and throwing mini marios (to match greg-eggs)
  • Fix the key glitching on moving platforms (it's been on my to do list for ages)
  • Sound effects for new pink switch.

The bad news is I'm going to have to postpone universal medal availability. I'm running low on time, and making an in-game medals display is proving to be more complicated than I anticipated.

That's all for now.


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