Entry #100

Lambtaco Games 10 000 Sub Livestream

2017-09-23 21:27:32 by Lambtaco

Here's the big youtube livestream I did to celebrate getting 10 000 subscribers, and releasing AKR2 v2.0. Sorry that I had the flu and sounded gross the whole time. Shit happens.


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2017-10-14 19:44:38

Thank you for that wonderful amazing game! It's nice to see you playing it. I have the feeling I missed many secrets even if I searched a lot for them :þ , so I will replay it! It is true that the poor Goombas, who are a native specie of the mushroom kingdom, were harassed by the toads and Mario because they have no hands and rejoined the gentle Koopa who accepted them as their dear companions. They are just angry, not bad guys actualy. So I chose you, goomba xd!

Lambtaco responds:

You're welcome. Goombas get the short end because of their lack of arms.