Entry #101

Endless Runner Demo

2017-10-17 17:52:56 by Lambtaco


I've been messing around with a small game to learn AS3. And I'd like to get some feedback from blind impressions. So here it is:


EDIT: Here's a higher res version on NG:



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2017-10-19 13:08:42

Nice game, I liked the NES sounds. Do you pretend to make a future project in AS3?

Lambtaco responds:

I really like square waves for some reason. I'm going to assume you meant intend and not pretend, so yes. I will be using AS3 because with it I can use Adobe AIR to port the games to other platforms incredibly easily. AS2 is easier to work with because it allows sloppiness, but it's time I learn to code like a big boy.