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As much as I enjoy Justin Roiland's R&M riffing, Turning it into a full animation just brings out the flaws. I mean, it works as something to listen to on a podcast or while playing a game, but when you listen to it and look at the characters as they're saying it, it's just kind of boring. I hesitate to use the term, but it just feels like it's trying too hard.

Judge Morty was great, because it was based on a scripted piece, so the pacing was good. Even though the characters weren't actually doing much, but it really stands out in this one. The repetition and realism in the dialogue really works better in small doses.

Four stars for effort, and the details/references. Not many people will do an on-model fan animation. Props to you for that. It's actually a lot of work. It just din't pay off as well as it did with Judge Morty.

Constructive criticisms: The linework on the characters seem a bit off. Maybe they're a little too thick? Not sure but they just seem slightly off. And sometimes the characters seem a bit too expressive. Their facial expressions are exaggerated compared to the plain dialogue. Though I understand animating the same expressions and poses gets really boring.

Troll criticism: You can't hear a voicemail in the vacuum of space.

tiarawhy responds:

Very fair points, thanks for the critique!

This is actually amazing.

I don't usually like these "mashup" type videos. But this one is just perfect. The level of juxtaposition is juuuuust right. Well animated, and not too in-your-face. Really captures the feel of a recentish anime, right down to the overuse of digital effects and closeups.

What I think the magic ingredient is, is how serious it seems to take itself. It's not trying to be overtly funny and just let's the absurdity of the content speak for itself. Apart from the very beginning and end, plus a few minor background gags. Gags that aren't distracting.

This is how it's done, people.

P.S. It's a good thing Patrick's a star fish.

While I don't think the Ren and Stimpy style really gelled with the point of the cartoon, I have to give you five stars for the point you were making alone.

It's too bad children exist. And by that I mean, it sucks that there will always be people new to that sort of joke, that will cause the rest of us to suffer such jokes existence.

Excellent. But you need more. Like Mario hurting himself trying to break a brick, or someone in a stealth game being undetectable because they're in a shadow. I'm really sick of these overused video game jokes.

It was okay.

It started with the dog thing and I was like okay, a bit random, kinda funny, then the title. Then I was thinking maybe the rest will make a little sense. But I was so wrong.

It was all too random. I, and a lot of other people, have reached a point where random humour isn't funny any more. What makes it funny is the surprise of it all, but it becomes harder and harder to get surprised the more random humour one sees.

It's the same reason I stopped reading Cyanide and Happiness. It's not exactly predictable, but because you're exepcting randomness after the first skit, the randomness is no longer surprising. It's like watching any M. Night. Shyamalan movie after The Sixth Sense. You know a twist is coming so the twist is no longer impressive.

A few of the jokes did seem to have a hint of humour, as in there was a certain irony or miscommunication in them (goodbye world), but the majority were just things that happened that were not normally what you'd expect to happen, or worse, just plain random events like a guy punching a salad.

A lot of what makes lasting humour is context. Everything in this movie was so out of context. Because the world the joke is in has no established rules or characters, doing something crazy isn't funny. I'm sure a lot of people who love this movie now will grow to hate it as they are exposed to more and more random humour. I loved Family Guy when I was 13-14, not so much these days.

Art and aniamtion served their purpose. If it had been done with full colour and detailed characters it probably would have seemed like you were trying to hard. Voice acting was pretty good, not expecting TV quality on Flash cartoons.

tl;dr Random humour isn't funny the billionth time.

Pretty good.

It was funny, and it made sense. A rare combination. But you should tone down the gradients. It looks like it was made in 2002 because of the harsh gradients and straight lines. But maybe that's just your style. Anyhow, good work.

Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

Yeah, I hear what you're saying, nowadays a lot of people almost cell shade their flash but I was trying a different style. I'm a bit of a black sheep

The handbag loop is amazing. It defines NG.

It's what I heard everytime I went to NG way back when. But on to Bytesize. Bytesize is awesome and should never end. I emailed Tom a bytesize like a week ago but now I hear he might be ending it. That just sucks.

You've got balls.

Finally, a Mario vs. Sonic where there's an actual winner. Not the winner I would have chosen but that doesn't matter. It really takes some courage to invoke all the flaming. The genre itself is outdated, but good job.

Not as original as everyone says, and overrated

The BAD: Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad or anything, it just isn't top 50 good. This idea has certainly been done before, both in flash and in traditional forms of animation. Like when the Looney Toons would fight with a paintbrush, it's the same basic idea. It's still a very good flash.
The GOOD: I like how the non vector images in the flash didn't look pixelly, in every other animation like this I've seeen the background is very pixelated. I didn't lose any enjoyment because of the lack of music, I just listened to my own, and like you said, there's no music everyone likes.
I'm really writing this review because I'm tired of people praising this for being original, it is in fact a very old idea. Again, it's not bad, it's just not original. And I don't really have a problem with it being unoriginal, my problem is with the people who keep saying it's so damned original.
Good luck in the future.

Two things that would totally help this movie are:

1: Change the animation when he turns.
2: Double the fps.

Other than that pretty good effort.

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