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A Koopa's Revenge II Enemies

Posted by Lambtaco - October 11th, 2008

Here are some of the enemies that will appear in my upcoming game. My goal was to keep with the role reversal theme from the first game, meaning all the enemies in AKR must be good guys in Mario games. Unfortunately most good guys in MArio games are converted bad guys, so I had to make some stuff up, mostly mushroom related.

There will be more enemies than pictured here, I just haven't drawn them yet. I'm also open to suggestions for possible enemies.

The game doesn't have a set release date as of right now.

A Koopa's Revenge II Enemies

Comments (73)

I did like the first one...thanks for making a second one ^_^

You're welcome.

How about a toadlet with amoney bag on him and shoes with wind pictures on it and everytime you hit it with a fireball it drops a coin if you hit it enough times it will spit out a 1-up mushroom you know like the moneybag in new super mario bros

If I can find a good spot for it. But I think the shoes would be too small to see anyway. I think just a sack with a dollar sign on it and legs would be fine.

Yoshi shouldn't be the enemy! (did not mean to be aggresive.)

Why not? Yoshis stomp on Koopas all the time. It's time for revenge.

They obviously look like they were made with your eyes closed, am I right?

That's really an poorly thought out criticism. If I drew them with my eyes closed they wouldn't be so symmetrical and smooth. You could say they suck, but drawn with the eyes closed inmplies a specific defect not seen in my drawing (or should I say mousings). They actually look pretty close to how I imagined them, and they have a consistent a style. You'd have to see them in action to appreciate them I guess.

I'm gonna fallback on an old standard and say that it's better than anything you've submitted.

Not to be a dick but work on your drawings.

You're being a dick.

Does Sharky the Whale have herpes?

Because he's been a dirty, dirty fish.

Not to suck a dick but pull down your pants and close your eyes.

Okay, but only because you asked nicely.

awesome. :D looks good, I liked the first one so I can't wait to see what you come up with. Keep up the good work. :D

Can do.

Will there be a BOSS MONSTER?!?! You could have Bowser or Petey Piranha or....no...Not for A Koopa Revenge...though you could have SUPER TALL LUIGI

Wouldn't that be Waluigi?

Whoa, these are pretty good!
Maybe you use toad as a hammer bro but he throws vegetables or desert piranha shrooms who pop up from the ground and move around. just some ideas.
Your first game kicked ass, I hope this one does too.
(Will Birdo be in the game? If it is, is it a good or bad guy?)

That's a neat idea. I never thought to have the Hammer Bros. throw something other than hammers.

jackdablu birdos are from subcon not on the koopa team. have you ever seen all games? no birdos are on the koopa team. jsut subcon.

i have an idea but not enemy idea.. you should add a para goomba. no it wont be harmed or anything. when you go at almost at the end (before the boss any level) he will tell you about it.

Naw. It's going to be oldschool. You have to figure out everything yourself, including how to beat bosses.

or it wont be like super mario bros 1? just to know if its like AKR2 where you go into doors n stuff

There will be doors, if that's what you're asking.

PS: your good at drawing :)


Think of the other Mario games too, I mean just because the Koopas might not have been in it, doesn't mean they can't be used as enemies right? I don't think King Wart and Bowser were on the same side. Like Shy Guys? What about Super Mario sunshines friendly characters, like the Pianata People. More bosses than the norm could be some of the unpopulars like Toadsworth, Toadette, or bosses from Subcon like Birdo and Mouser. By the way, I found the first game enjoyable, but hard. I hope this one's easier :D

There's just something about Piantas I don't like. This one's going to be a lot easier to start, but it will get harder as you progress. So it will be just as hard if not harder than AKR1 by the time you get to the end.

Cool enemies, i like the spiny shroom best.
Enemy ideas.
1) Maybe a yellow spiny shroom that walks on the ceiling of a cave and tries to drop down on koopa but misses and gets stuck spikes first and is at koopa's nonexistant mercy.
2) Maybe an underwater enemy could be a mushroom spotted jelly fish like the ones in smb3
3) Maybe a clam that has a 1 up in it's mouth and when koopa takes it it will quickly slam shut, gurting koopa.
4) Maybe for plains you could use a chargin chad, they look like chargin chucks but wear mario overalls and spotted gloves.
5) How do the enemies besides toadlets, bany mario's and pirahna shrooms act?
6) So you havn't drawn thwomps yet?
7) are fungi beetles and spiny shrooms imune to fire because they don't look it.

1) That's not a bad idea. I'll think about it.
2) A spotted Blooper would be better.
3) Worked in SM64, but I don't think it would work well in 2D.
4) So it's a human, or a koopa?
5) Like enemies.
6) Not yet.
7) Fungi Beetles are, but Spiny Shrooms aren't. I can't think of a game in which Spinies are immune to fire.

I like Yoshi's "squished" picture.

Thanks. I made that by adding yoshi features to a square.

More enemy ideas.
1) Maybe a toad lakitu that throws down spiny shrooms.
2) How about a meep meep for underwater levels. They are good versions of cheep cheeps that get their name from the fact they look timid but in battle they can be ferocios. They just act like normal cheep cheep's but they can jump on land and flop about.
3) maybe a sneel, a snake like eel that is on mario's side due to bribery.
4) A dorrie (nsmb) That acts as a platform at the waters surface and underwater will strech it's neck after koopa since it moves very slowly.
5) Maybe some squishy emeny that climbs up walls to hinder your wall kicks.
I will think of more.

1) I'll probably end up doing that later. I just really don't want to program it right now.
2) That's what the dolphins are for.
3) I don't think I have a use for eels.
4) Nah.
5) Or maybe something spikey.

More ideas.
1) The hint you gave me for a boss leaves me to belive it is a bag of suger mutated that uses water and you need the purple shell
2) Maybe you could use some enemy that breathes fire breath like koopa did in the first game.
3) Maybe a purple spotted toadlet that can split itself into 3 of itself and it runs fast.
4) What is with the yellow things all over sharkjy the whale.
5) Follow this link for a quick laugh <a href="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=tw6McaHwWyI&amp;feature=related">http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=tw6McaH wWyI&amp;feature=related</a>

1) You need to hear more Dave Chappelle. And there won't be any bosses that require a shell.
2) Like Dino-Torch. I can't think of anything right now that could use that. Maybe something that shoots fire upward.
3) I think there are enough toadlets.
4) They're barnacles, so you know not to touch him.
5) "We're sorry, this video is no longer available." Youtube is really starting to piss me off.


slishis! slimey yoshis... fast green and slimey. leaves a track of slime (slime removes every 5 sec) slippery... might makes you fall down.


gooshis! goomba yoshis. goomba that looks like a yoshi with goomba face.. and no arms. ridable like yoshis on super mario world (dont know which game) hides in brown eggs and in boxes. doesnt crack till you attack it (a jump will do)

I might do something that leaves slime but it would most likely be a boss.

I'm not going to program a ridable ally at this point in the game. But if I do, for the next game maybe, it would be Birdo.

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