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Welcome to the second in a series of blogs wherein I discuss ideas for A Koopa’s Revenge 3. Last time we discussed a system of combining powerups. Today I’m presenting an alternate idea for powerups.

Unlike AKR2 which used player-character skins, in AKR3 each playable character will have slightly different physics and abilities, making them distinct from one another. For instance, Shy Guy will have low traction and higher jumps, like Luigi. I’m going to extend these differences to how each powerup affects each character.


For the first example let’s use the fire flower. In AKR2 every character threw fireballs like Mario. But in AKR3 Koopa will use the fire flower to breathe out flames like in the original A Koopa’s Revenge. Piranha Plant’s fireballs ignore gravity and diagonally bounce off surfaces like in Super Mario Land. And so on.

Though each character utilises the powerup in different ways, the attacks will have the same effect on enemies. Fire will burn some enemies and glance of others no matter which character wields it. This is to keep some consistency between characters. I also hope to balance these different attack methods to be sure every character is useful with every powerup.


This applies to movement powerups in addition to offensive ones. The flight-based powerup will give Koopa wings, but Shy Guy gets a propeller on his head, making him a Fly Guy. This affects their jumping ability. Koopa can jump higher and float gently when he falls. Again, like in the original AKR. Fly Guy will behave like the propeller suit from New Super Mario Bros. with a double jump of sorts.


Another reason I’m making this change (other than it just being cool) is to make the attacks match the appearance of the character. Shy Guy’s hammer bro equivalent has the appearance of a Snifit, but in AKR2 he just throws hammers. In AKR3 Snifit Shy Guy will spit iron balls out of his nose-cannon.

After a lot of consideration I decided to use this idea instead of the one presented in the last AKR3 Idea Blog. This blog’s idea opens up a lot of gameplay possibilities and should add replayability to the game. While last week’s idea has some serious cool factor, it exhausts itself pretty quickly, requires a ton of unique assets (particularly if combined with this blog’s idea), and it actually limits how many powerups there can be by requiring them to be combinable. Sorry to all the fans of Kirby 64.

Welcome to a new series wherein I discuss and detail ideas for the upcoming A Koopa’s Revenge 3. First I’ll be talking about an idea I’m probably not going to use but I think is interesting anyway: combining of powerups.

The idea is pretty simple, at least as an idea. You take powerup A and combine it with powerup B to create powerup AB a la Kirby 64. powerup AB would combine the aspects of both powerups into on super powerup.


For instance, koopa combing the winged power with fire power would become a koopa that can flap it’s wings and shoot fireballs with a spin attack. It gets a little more complicated when you combine two projectile powers though. Combining fire and hammer to get flaming hammers sounds cool, but their behaviour needs to be determined. In this case the flaming hammers might throw in a normal hammer arc but bounce upon hitting the ground like a fireball. And the flaming hammer wouldn’t be destroyed on contact with an enemy like a fireball.


As cool as it sounds I ultimately decided not to use it for two reasons. First, it would require a huge amount of art assets to have a different appearance for each combination for every playable character, as I won’t be using simple palette swaps. Second is that it conflicts with a different idea I have for powerups which I’ll be talking about in the next AK3 Idea Blog.

I'm not dead.

2017-01-11 21:47:08 by Lambtaco

Just thought I'd mention that I didn't die last year. I had some anxiety issues and I had to sort of quit the internet for a while. But I'm back now, and ready to work on games and cartoons again. Thanks to everybody who still cares what I'm doing.

Canada has had another federal election, and as it is prophecied I am making another Political Sodomy cartoon. Check out the teaser above. Also, part 2 is a thing:

I've decided to make an updated version of A Koopa's Revenge for the game's tenth anniversary. Coming up in January. The original game has aged, and I think it's time to update it to make it more accessible to modern players. So here's a video displaying the tiny bit I've done so far and droning over it with my thoughts and opinions.

I'm looking for feedback, so let me know what you think of it and what you'd like to see in the final product. Bear in mind that this is, to use console terms, more of an enhanced port than a full on remake. So I won't be adding tons of new levels and powerups, just a fresh coat of paint and some smoothed over edges.

Thanks for listening, dudemans.

Top 5 WORST Blowjobs I Ever Got

2015-08-18 19:27:59 by Lambtaco

Check out this sketch/vlog parody/top 5 thing I made:

It's a little NSWF, but not as bad as you might think. This isn't typically the sort of thing I make, so any feedback is appreciated. 


In a related story, I redid my credits screen template to move the video previews to the top and put nice social media links across the bottom. I take the time to add nice annotation link to them, and then bam! Youtube changes it's player so when your cursor is over the video the play controls cover up the bottom 10% of the video. Fucking youtube, man. Not like anyone was clicking them anyway, but still.


2015-07-23 16:54:27 by Lambtaco

Then check out my latest cartoon, Minions Must Die:

Let's end these little shits.

AVGN: Trapped in the NES Closed Beta Begins

2015-05-21 20:45:06 by Lambtaco


I'm finally starting the first round of beta tests for AVGN: Trapped in the NES. The game isn't really done yet, but I'd like to get some feedback.

Unfortunately, until the game is prety much complete, I'm not going to be doing a more open beta. I've had some bad experiences with beta testers, so I need some I can trust. Tester's of A Koopa's Revenge 2, especially those credited as dedicated beta testers, are welcome to return. Just let me know if you want in.

Beta Link:

e mbed test

2015-05-19 23:22:26 by Lambtaco


Comedy Sketch, that is.

And a question. Would this be suitable to submit to NG? I know the Movies section is primarily an animation thing, but is it a written rule? Numa Numa was big on portal even before youtube existed, and it was live action video. My sketch is about a third animation, with a good amount of VFX in the live action parts. I released a cartoon last month that had live action bookends, and nobody complained, though it wasn't seen by that many people. I really don't know what's acceptable these days. Leaning toward not submitting it to the portal, but I'm pretty unsure.