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Lambta.co makes comedy sketches, cartoons, and games. Since I don't know what the purpose of friending is on NG, I'll be denying all requests.
Used to be MCSM Studios, and before that The_Green_M. Apologies for some of my more edgy older content.

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Lambtaco's News

Posted by Lambtaco - December 23rd, 2014

I've decided to make one last round of revisions to AKR2. I found out you can get stuck behind the pipe in 1-5 with the new walljump physics, which isn't exactly gamebreaking, but it's a significant issue. So I'm going to need an update.

I'll take this opportunity to make many other small changes, like moving a few blocks around here and there. But I need some help. If there were any parts in the game you found uncommonly difficult, or it was unclear how to progress, let me know so I can fix them, please. Also, typos and grammatical errors.


Posted by Lambtaco - December 2nd, 2014


I finally got the updated version for AKR2 out. Convenient link to game.

I've addressed some complaints and criticisms, plus added a bunch more little things I thought would be nice. For full details, see my previous news post.

Posted by Lambtaco - November 13th, 2014

The much awaited update to AKR2 is done. But due to some changes to the mechanics it's going to need some comprehensive testing before I can give it a wide release. I can't do it alone (at least not very quickly) so I'll need help testing. The preview is here.

Here are some of the changes made:

  • WALLJUMPING: Due to numerous requests and complaints, I've reworked the walljump mechanics to closely resemble those found in the New Super Mario Bros. games. This is one of the major reasons I have to do the big testing period again. I have to be sure the game is still beatable and not broken by the changes.
  • EASY SILVER COIN COLLECTION: The other big one. When you've already beaten a level, you don't have to beat it again to get it's silver coins. Just collect the coin and wait ten seconds for it to verify. I think this is working perfectly, but I need testing.
  • KICKING BABIES: As funny as getting killed by a baby is, it can interfere with the fun. Now when the player contacts a baby, instead of the player taking damage, he kicks the baby. I will likely improve the animation for this.
  • BLACK PITS: There are now dark black wavy thingies over death pits. I added this after watching a player kill himself looking for secrets. If it's got black stuff on it, it'll kill you. Let me know if I missed a spot.
  • EASY PICKUPS: You no longer have to duck to pick up enemies and pluck vegetables. Simply stand still over top of them and press the ATTACK key. Hopefully this is working right; needs testing.
  • ICE TRACTION: With the swimming powerup, you won't slip around on ice. It's a little something I felt the game needed.
  • LAVA SWIMMING: With the white powerup during the day (drybones) you could always survive in lava. But now you can swim in it like water, rather than dropping like a stone to the bottom. Needs testing to be sure it works properly.
  • QUICKSAND ADJUSTMENTS: Quicksand works a bit differently. Trying to jump out of it looks a bit more natural, and you can't perform a spindash when you're in it.
  • SPECIAL EFFECTS: Walljumping and getting in and out of water now produce little visual effects. It's just polish, but I figure while I'm improving the other stuff I may as well pretty it up a bit.
  • BUG FIXES AND TWEAKS: Fixed some small bugs (including the invisible ghosts spawning in 4-2) and chnaged a few areas around just a bit. I also added a few secrets (nmothing major, just coins)

I'd appreciate any input on the new version. And I'm sorry it took so long. I wanted to hae this out a month ago, but I got sick. Anyway, enjoy the changes.

UPDATE: I uploaded another new version to the preview page. Nothing huge. More tweaks, adderd the kicking animations, further adjustments to quicksand. If all goes well with htis version I'll release it publicly.

UPDATE 2: Finished the game to 106% myself, and found a few bugs. Pretty minor ones. Once I get those touched up 1.1 will go public.

Posted by Lambtaco - September 30th, 2014

Firstly, check out my new comedy sketch. It'll only take a minute.

I'm trying to get my youtube channel going, and I'll be posting videos every other week on Lambta.co Tuesdays. I'll also be uploading to NG when applicable. For instance I've got some cartoons in the pipeline.

Secondly, I've started work on the first real revision to A Koopa's Revenge 2. Now that the initial bug fixes and such are done, I'll be working on some more in depth changes to the game, including walljumping mechanics. Full details on that can be found http://lambta.co/akr2-v1-1-devblag-entry-1-feedback-requested/

I'm looking for more feedback on AK2. So if there's anything you want to say, give a shout. No issue too small.

Posted by Lambtaco - September 16th, 2014

Click here to play.


After years of on and of development, the sequel to the much remembered A Koopa's Revenge has finally arrived. It's weird to have this finally off my back (mostly, there are surely going to be some changes) it's like graduating from University. No more stalling gotta get serious about stuff now. You guys probably don't need to hear that, but I needed to get it out.

It's bigger, faster and prettier than the first. So give her a looksee. And if you're too impatient to wait less than a hour for the NG ulpload, you can play it on my site: http://lambta.co/koopas-revenge-2/

Posted by Lambtaco - September 16th, 2014


Link up front.

So, yeah, the game's out on my site now. Fully featured. I'll be releasing the NG version with medals at 12:00a EST, so if you want to wait, you can earn medals. Or you can beat the game on my site and beat it again on NG tomorrow. It'spretty big though, like an early SNES game in scale. I'll be doing a front page post later, when it's closer to launch time.


Posted by Lambtaco - September 15th, 2014

Taking this out of the description and it's got to go somewhere.

Version History:
v0.80 Nov. 15, 2013. Premiere.
v0.81 Nov. 17, 2013. Fixed the not moving from Switch Palaces bug. It turns out it wasn't at all caused by what I thought, and was consequentially really easy to fix. Did a number of small changes aswell.
v0.82  Nov 27, 2013. Fixed near all of the music problems. The walking on boss doors glitch. Many other small alterations.
v0.83 Dec. 6, 2013. New main menu and pause menu, both navigable using keyboard.  Save files and option save integrated. Percent completion displayed on save file. Switch Palaces can be reentered. Dry Bones powerup is now immune to all fire related damage. Significant reduction in lag. Weather effects can be turned off. Many small changes.
v0.84 Dec 8, 2013. Fixed most of the errors that came with v0.83, and pretty much nothing else.
v0.85 Jan 4, 2014. Further reduced lag. Easier walljumping. Donut blocks respawn. Swimming physics altered for blue shell. Electric eels can be killed. More interaction with background elements. New small and water forms for Goomba. Improved and altered player animations. Weather and time of day related graphic changes to enemies. New stage backgrounds.
v0.86 Feb 17, 2014. Lag reduced again, added secret warp rooms to each level without any, stopped tile jittering in autoscrolling levels, redid first boss, added 3 secret exits, and redrew the entire map with animations.
v0.87 Feb 24, 2014. Fixed a glitch preventing coins dropped by enemies from being picked up. Updated bosses 2-6 so that they are damaged by projectiles, aswell as new sound effects, and some behaviour changes.
v0.88 Feb 25, 2014. New control schemes are here! Also special hint ghosts to aide in secret finding. Changes to the way you interact with enemies.
v0.89 Apr 7, 2014. Opening cutscene, various bug fixes, updated and added sfx, a new song, a new cheat, updated an old cheat not yet available, as yet invisible restrictions.
v0.90 Apr 15, 2014. Small fixes and changes, added Koopalings.
v0.91 May 29, 2014. Ending cutscene and stand-in credits, bug fixes and small changes, polished mechanics, right-click menu, nerfed first boss.
v0.92 June 10, 2014.  New music, further reduced lag, visual changes, bug fixes.
v0.93 July 3, 2014. Super secret final boss added, fifth boss sped up. mouse enable map navigation, many many tweaks.
v0.94 July 7, 2014. Lots of tweaks. Fixed some problems started by 0.93.
v0.94.1 July 8, 2014. Fixed problems from 0.94. Added two new enemy types. Many tweaks.
v0.94.2 July 11, 2014. New music, enemies bump into eachother, scroll the map using the mouse, many many tweaks and bug fixes.
v0.94.3 July 31, 2014. A couple of new songs, and again many refining tweaks.
v0.94.4 August 3, 2014. Finished the soundtrack, all songs looped and leveled.
v0.95.0 August 5, 2014. Added the oft requested item reserve featutre, fixed the 16 ton crushers, a few small tweaks.
v0.96 August 24, 2014. Added medals, and filled in remaining gaps for sound effects, gussied up the preloader.
v0.97 Sept 11, 2014. Added attract screen animations, many tweaks.

Also, here's a video of the game:


Posted by Lambtaco - September 11th, 2014

Latest version of AKR2 is up for approved testers. HERE

Mostly I added some animations on the main menu screen, which trigger after a few seconds, that reveal clues to where to find the Koopalings and such. Also tweaked a few litttle things, and changed some redundant features. As usual, let me know if I broke anything, testers.

I was thinking htis would be the last version before release, pending no added bugs, but I may do another as there are some medals I want to add. Stupid little ones for finding Easter eggs and such.

In other news, just today I've decided to release my new site, lambta.co. Check it out, y'alls. It's not 100% done yet, but it's plenty functional and fulll of content.

Posted by Lambtaco - August 27th, 2014

In case the embed somehow fails, A Koopa's Revenge 2 is coming out Sept. 16th on my site and Sept 17 on NG. The NG version will have medals.

I've spent ages on this thing, but it's finally coming out.

Posted by Lambtaco - August 25th, 2014

So, I broke down and added medals to the game. There were some snags, but it wasn't too hard. Took all day though.

Calling on beta testers to try to get the medals. And maybe suggest some to add. But the game has to be beatable without getting a single medal. So no, "Beat the first boss." or things like that. (Maybe a bad example because it's totally possible to never beat the first boss, but on a typical playthrough it would come up.)

RELEASE DATE! Tuesday September 16th on www.lambta.co (Lambta.co Tuesday ;) ) and Wendesday September 17th on Newgrounds.

The teaser trailer should be coming out in the next couple days.

Beta link, for approved testers.