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Used to be MCSM Studios, and before that The_Green_M. Apologies for some of my more edgy older content.

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Lambtaco's News

Posted by Lambtaco - September 16th, 2014

Click here to play.


After years of on and of development, the sequel to the much remembered A Koopa's Revenge has finally arrived. It's weird to have this finally off my back (mostly, there are surely going to be some changes) it's like graduating from University. No more stalling gotta get serious about stuff now. You guys probably don't need to hear that, but I needed to get it out.

It's bigger, faster and prettier than the first. So give her a looksee. And if you're too impatient to wait less than a hour for the NG ulpload, you can play it on my site: http://lambta.co/koopas-revenge-2/

Posted by Lambtaco - September 16th, 2014


Link up front.

So, yeah, the game's out on my site now. Fully featured. I'll be releasing the NG version with medals at 12:00a EST, so if you want to wait, you can earn medals. Or you can beat the game on my site and beat it again on NG tomorrow. It'spretty big though, like an early SNES game in scale. I'll be doing a front page post later, when it's closer to launch time.


Posted by Lambtaco - September 15th, 2014

Taking this out of the description and it's got to go somewhere.

Version History:
v0.80 Nov. 15, 2013. Premiere.
v0.81 Nov. 17, 2013. Fixed the not moving from Switch Palaces bug. It turns out it wasn't at all caused by what I thought, and was consequentially really easy to fix. Did a number of small changes aswell.
v0.82  Nov 27, 2013. Fixed near all of the music problems. The walking on boss doors glitch. Many other small alterations.
v0.83 Dec. 6, 2013. New main menu and pause menu, both navigable using keyboard.  Save files and option save integrated. Percent completion displayed on save file. Switch Palaces can be reentered. Dry Bones powerup is now immune to all fire related damage. Significant reduction in lag. Weather effects can be turned off. Many small changes.
v0.84 Dec 8, 2013. Fixed most of the errors that came with v0.83, and pretty much nothing else.
v0.85 Jan 4, 2014. Further reduced lag. Easier walljumping. Donut blocks respawn. Swimming physics altered for blue shell. Electric eels can be killed. More interaction with background elements. New small and water forms for Goomba. Improved and altered player animations. Weather and time of day related graphic changes to enemies. New stage backgrounds.
v0.86 Feb 17, 2014. Lag reduced again, added secret warp rooms to each level without any, stopped tile jittering in autoscrolling levels, redid first boss, added 3 secret exits, and redrew the entire map with animations.
v0.87 Feb 24, 2014. Fixed a glitch preventing coins dropped by enemies from being picked up. Updated bosses 2-6 so that they are damaged by projectiles, aswell as new sound effects, and some behaviour changes.
v0.88 Feb 25, 2014. New control schemes are here! Also special hint ghosts to aide in secret finding. Changes to the way you interact with enemies.
v0.89 Apr 7, 2014. Opening cutscene, various bug fixes, updated and added sfx, a new song, a new cheat, updated an old cheat not yet available, as yet invisible restrictions.
v0.90 Apr 15, 2014. Small fixes and changes, added Koopalings.
v0.91 May 29, 2014. Ending cutscene and stand-in credits, bug fixes and small changes, polished mechanics, right-click menu, nerfed first boss.
v0.92 June 10, 2014.  New music, further reduced lag, visual changes, bug fixes.
v0.93 July 3, 2014. Super secret final boss added, fifth boss sped up. mouse enable map navigation, many many tweaks.
v0.94 July 7, 2014. Lots of tweaks. Fixed some problems started by 0.93.
v0.94.1 July 8, 2014. Fixed problems from 0.94. Added two new enemy types. Many tweaks.
v0.94.2 July 11, 2014. New music, enemies bump into eachother, scroll the map using the mouse, many many tweaks and bug fixes.
v0.94.3 July 31, 2014. A couple of new songs, and again many refining tweaks.
v0.94.4 August 3, 2014. Finished the soundtrack, all songs looped and leveled.
v0.95.0 August 5, 2014. Added the oft requested item reserve featutre, fixed the 16 ton crushers, a few small tweaks.
v0.96 August 24, 2014. Added medals, and filled in remaining gaps for sound effects, gussied up the preloader.
v0.97 Sept 11, 2014. Added attract screen animations, many tweaks.

Also, here's a video of the game:


Posted by Lambtaco - September 11th, 2014

Latest version of AKR2 is up for approved testers. HERE

Mostly I added some animations on the main menu screen, which trigger after a few seconds, that reveal clues to where to find the Koopalings and such. Also tweaked a few litttle things, and changed some redundant features. As usual, let me know if I broke anything, testers.

I was thinking htis would be the last version before release, pending no added bugs, but I may do another as there are some medals I want to add. Stupid little ones for finding Easter eggs and such.

In other news, just today I've decided to release my new site, lambta.co. Check it out, y'alls. It's not 100% done yet, but it's plenty functional and fulll of content.

Posted by Lambtaco - August 27th, 2014

In case the embed somehow fails, A Koopa's Revenge 2 is coming out Sept. 16th on my site and Sept 17 on NG. The NG version will have medals.

I've spent ages on this thing, but it's finally coming out.

Posted by Lambtaco - August 25th, 2014

So, I broke down and added medals to the game. There were some snags, but it wasn't too hard. Took all day though.

Calling on beta testers to try to get the medals. And maybe suggest some to add. But the game has to be beatable without getting a single medal. So no, "Beat the first boss." or things like that. (Maybe a bad example because it's totally possible to never beat the first boss, but on a typical playthrough it would come up.)

RELEASE DATE! Tuesday September 16th on www.lambta.co (Lambta.co Tuesday ;) ) and Wendesday September 17th on Newgrounds.

The teaser trailer should be coming out in the next couple days.

Beta link, for approved testers.

Posted by Lambtaco - August 6th, 2014

Beta Link

I've finally added the item reserve feature. So you can carry an extra item around like in Super Mario World. Let me know if it has any bugs. And the music loops better now too, from the last update.

In othe news I'm still requesting suggestions for cool moments to use in the trailer. So anything really cool about the game you think would look good in a trailer, let me know.

Posted by Lambtaco - July 31st, 2014

First off, link to the beta for convenience.

Another small update. I haven't been doing much on it the bast few weeks. Spent a week away, and the bulk of my productive time has been spent on other projects lately. Gearing up for a new website to launch with Koopa 2, plus I just needed a bit of time away from the project.

Changes include fixing ladders and vines to work with WASD control schemes (I don't know how I got so far without realising that was broken) adding a couple of songs, one for underground the other for the finalest boss, and many small refinements.

On to the Main Point
I'll be making a prerelease trailer for AKR2. And I want to know, what were your most memorable moments playing the game? I'm looking for exciting or just visually appealing parts. Or anything at all you liked.

Thanks for the help, guys.

Posted by Lambtaco - July 12th, 2014

As of 4 days ago, I have been a member of NG for ten years. Wowzers.

Posted by Lambtaco - July 8th, 2014

Calling all testers to answer this set of questions. Send your answers to me via a PM titled "AKR2 SURVEY". Recommended format: preceed each answer with the letter-number combination with a seperate paragraph for each. Your answers may be as long or short as you feel is necessary.


Section A, About You:

A1 Tell me about yourself, demographically speaking. Age, nationality, gender, first language? (Not giving this information to anyone, it's just for context. You don't have to give any more information than you're comfortable providing)

A2 How experienced are you with 2D Mario games? Those produced by Nintendo as well as other fan games.

A3 How well do you know the A Koopa's Revenge Franchise?

Section B, General:

B1 What did you like most about the game? What was your favourite part?

B2 What did you like least about the game? What was you most disliked aspect?

B3 Would you recommend the game to someone?

B4 How did you feel about the length and amount of content in the game? Too much, too little? Too long, too short?

B5 How do you feel about the games overall difficulty and difficulty curve?

B6 How far did you get in the game? What was your completion percentage? Did you find any secrets?

Section C, Specifics:

C1 Are there any places you feel sound effects or music were missing or inappropriate?

C2 Did any areas seem particularly laggy?

C3 Did any parts seem unusually difficult or troubling?

C4 Was anything confusing? Did something hurt you that you didn't think should have? Or did you not know how to advance somewhere?

C5 Is there any place you thought there might be a secret, but there wasn't? Explain in detail if yes.

C6 Did you encounter any bugs or glitches? If so, explain in as much detail as you can.

Section D, Comment

D1 Anything not covered by the previous questions that you want to say?


Extra bit. How would you like to be credited? If you want to be credited by anything other than your NG username, let me know.


Thanks for participating.