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Lambtaco's News

Posted by Lambtaco - August 6th, 2014

Beta Link

I've finally added the item reserve feature. So you can carry an extra item around like in Super Mario World. Let me know if it has any bugs. And the music loops better now too, from the last update.

In othe news I'm still requesting suggestions for cool moments to use in the trailer. So anything really cool about the game you think would look good in a trailer, let me know.

Posted by Lambtaco - July 31st, 2014

First off, link to the beta for convenience.

Another small update. I haven't been doing much on it the bast few weeks. Spent a week away, and the bulk of my productive time has been spent on other projects lately. Gearing up for a new website to launch with Koopa 2, plus I just needed a bit of time away from the project.

Changes include fixing ladders and vines to work with WASD control schemes (I don't know how I got so far without realising that was broken) adding a couple of songs, one for underground the other for the finalest boss, and many small refinements.

On to the Main Point
I'll be making a prerelease trailer for AKR2. And I want to know, what were your most memorable moments playing the game? I'm looking for exciting or just visually appealing parts. Or anything at all you liked.

Thanks for the help, guys.

Posted by Lambtaco - July 12th, 2014

As of 4 days ago, I have been a member of NG for ten years. Wowzers.

Posted by Lambtaco - July 8th, 2014

Calling all testers to answer this set of questions. Send your answers to me via a PM titled "AKR2 SURVEY". Recommended format: preceed each answer with the letter-number combination with a seperate paragraph for each. Your answers may be as long or short as you feel is necessary.


Section A, About You:

A1 Tell me about yourself, demographically speaking. Age, nationality, gender, first language? (Not giving this information to anyone, it's just for context. You don't have to give any more information than you're comfortable providing)

A2 How experienced are you with 2D Mario games? Those produced by Nintendo as well as other fan games.

A3 How well do you know the A Koopa's Revenge Franchise?

Section B, General:

B1 What did you like most about the game? What was your favourite part?

B2 What did you like least about the game? What was you most disliked aspect?

B3 Would you recommend the game to someone?

B4 How did you feel about the length and amount of content in the game? Too much, too little? Too long, too short?

B5 How do you feel about the games overall difficulty and difficulty curve?

B6 How far did you get in the game? What was your completion percentage? Did you find any secrets?

Section C, Specifics:

C1 Are there any places you feel sound effects or music were missing or inappropriate?

C2 Did any areas seem particularly laggy?

C3 Did any parts seem unusually difficult or troubling?

C4 Was anything confusing? Did something hurt you that you didn't think should have? Or did you not know how to advance somewhere?

C5 Is there any place you thought there might be a secret, but there wasn't? Explain in detail if yes.

C6 Did you encounter any bugs or glitches? If so, explain in as much detail as you can.

Section D, Comment

D1 Anything not covered by the previous questions that you want to say?


Extra bit. How would you like to be credited? If you want to be credited by anything other than your NG username, let me know.


Thanks for participating.

Posted by Lambtaco - July 6th, 2014

A Koopa's Revenge 2 is entering what I call the gamma testing phase. The beta is over, as all virtually all bugs have been fixed and the game's content it all there. What I need now is feedback on the game in general.

To sign up to be a tester, leave a reply to this post or PM me. Ask to become a tester, and tell me why you want to test the game, and if you have any game testing experience.

I ask that in return for early access, you fill out a brief survey. Which will be here. (link pending)

Testing begins at 6:00pm EST, Tuesday July 8th. Testers will have two weeks to play the game and fill out the survey. Everyone who completes the survey will have their name featured in the game's credits.

Sign up now! Positions are limited!

P.S. Below is a (somewhat outdated) gameplay video.


Posted by Lambtaco - July 3rd, 2014

Here we have the first "finished" version of the game. And I want all the beta testers to help to make sure I didn't break anything before we move on to a more widespread gamma testing phase. It might be wise to skip over the changelist if you don't want things spoiled.

The Beta

  • First, the biggest change of all. The super finalest most lastest boss I've been teasing is finally here. So, i you've collected all the silver coins and rescued all 7 Koopalings, have at 'er.

  • You can select a level by clikcing on it with the mouse.

  • The pause menu shows you which file you most recently loaded/saved so you won't accidentally save over the wrong file.

  • ? Blocks are coloured differently in different levels.

  • All the map animations are complete.

  • The intros for bosses are skipped atomatically after you've seen them once.

  • I reworked the fifth bosses cycles a bit to make him faster to fight.

  • Many, many more small tweaks.

  • I reused a few songs from the first game to fill in gaps in the soundtrack. They won't be staying, especially the menu theme

I'll also take this opportunity to officially say I'm not taking on beta testers any more. I will however, be taking on gamma testers, though they won't get to play for a few days. I need the game in a near complete and unbroken state to get perspectives on how the game will be received as a finished product. So get in there and break the game.

Posted by Lambtaco - June 10th, 2014

Version 0.92 has arrived.

Link to Beta

Changes include three new songs, reduced lag again (though I'm not done with that yet), clearer representation for falling beams, ? blocks won't produce items twice in the same playthrough of a level, and icicles for 4-4. Plus bug fixes and other small changes I didn;t bother to remember or write down.

This will be the last beta before what I'm going to call gamma testing. At which point the game will be 100% done content-wise, but will still need adjustments. You can still ask to be a beta tester by telling me why you want to be a tester. After the next beta is released I'll be asking all beta and gamma testers to fill out a survey, which should help those who aren't sure what sort of feedback to give.

In the next iteration, expect to see the secret ending boss. Which is the last big piece of content I need to add.

I'm still looking to replace and add new music tracks, which will need to be done before the game gets a full release. It would be great if people could offer suggestions from the Audio Portal. But I warn you, I'm picky.

Here is a list of things I need songs for:

  • Main Menu - Plays on the menu, aswell as during the credits. Not entirely sure what I want for this one, but I figure I'll know it when I hear it.
  • Map Day - I need a short loop to play on the map during the day time. no longer han 30 seconds, and it needs to start up fast.
  • Underground Day - Something that says underground, but not too dark or too silly. Like a Mario game would have.
  • First Castle - A theme to play in the first castle. It's a standard Mario game castle. I need something that sounds like that.
  • Ghosthouse Day/Night - Again, something like you'd hear in a Mario game, but for the ghost house this time. I have a really good theme already, and depending on whether a second theme is dark or more lighthearted it could become day or night.
  • Boss Fight - For all but the final boss fights. Short and to the point. I haven't found anything I really like yet. Perhaps I need to branch out more.

For all of these I need songs without too much buildup. I'm also trying to avoid chiptunes. And for Day/Night themes you can listen to the opposite to get a better idea of what I need. I'm even open to replacing existing songs I do like if something better comes along. Soundtrack listed here.

Posted by Lambtaco - April 7th, 2014

Been a while, so I should really do an update.

First off, I added the intro cutscene which you can see by starting a new game. As usual, many bug fixes and small changes. Many new sound effects have been added and also a new song for the Ghost Houses. Reworked the completion percentage so it works out to 105% and is much cleaner overall.

There's a new cheat now, you can't find it like some of the others, it's unlocked with a code. I also update the god-mode, which unfortunately nobody but me can see as of yet. And I made some restrictions that will be used in the final game, when it's spread around the 'net, but will be invisible to the testers right now.

Apologies again for taking so long. That damned Command and Conquer was taking up a lot of my spare time, but I'm swearing off of it for the time being.

The Beta

As usual, if you would like to be made a beta tester, send me a PM stating such and tell me why you want to be a tester.


Posted by Lambtaco - February 18th, 2014

Finally here. Sorry it took so long, but there weren't a lot of people asking so I kept improving different aspects and adding little things rather than polishing it up for a beta release.

First up for changes. I redrew and animated the world map. So now when you beat a level, you see your progress appear on the map like Super Mario World.

With the new map comes new level connections. There are now 3 secret exits that weren't around before. And 7 warp pipes total on the map now.

Also new are rooms for every first area level warp. Those warps that are in the first area of each level that take you to the end, they all have something in between them and the exit. Makes the game feel fuller in my opinion.

On the technical side, I've further reduced the lag. That's about the last I can do to reduce lag in general, but there are still particular areas that are a bit laggy and I'll need to fix that.

Also is the jittering of the tiles in the autoscrolling levels. Nobody else mentioned it, but it bugged me.

That's all, Beta is Here.

Posted by Lambtaco - January 5th, 2014

Version 0.85 is here, finally!

Sorry it took so long. There was holiday stuff and I got pretty sick for a while. Next update should come sooner, though it will likely be smaller. You guys might want to follow me so you can be alerted to my news posts. I'll be doing one for every major update from now on.

So, what's changed? First gameplaywise. Lag as been reduced further, though not as much as last time. Walljumping is now easier to perform, as it works more like NSMB. Donut blocks respawn after a few seconds. The electric eels can be interacted with more deeply now, you can kill them with hammers and stuff. And the swimming physics for the blue shell/blue shyguy/blooper powerup are a bit different. Cheats can be turned on and off in stages, not just on the map. You can burn the wavy grass now too.

Visually, I added a ton of new backgrounds, and updated some existing ones. This was the reason this update took so long; I didn't want it released until every stage had it's own background. Still not completely satisfied, so there will likely be more changes to the backgrounds. I altered two of Goomba's forms. His small form now resembles the goombas from SMW, and his water form is a blooper. I also improved many of Goomba's animations, aswell as some for Shyguy. I altered Koopa's posture to make him more shaped like his hitbox (This one isn't exactly complete yet) And there are changes to some enemies based on the weather and time of day.

Glitches. Fixed the glitch caused by 0.83 that doesn't reset your Koopaling collection when starting a new file. I'm also 99% sure the random stopped bouncing fireball is gone.

Be sure to check out my last post for an overview of the game's music (which I'm totally going to finish soon, I swear) where you can suggest new songs, or tell me why you want me to keep the old ones. And would you guys mind uploading avatars for NG? It would be much easier to tell you all apart.

AKR2 BETA 0.85

Anybody who wants to be a tester! Send me a PM or comment telling me why you'd like to test the game. I ask for this info to weed out people who might be too lazy to give feedback. Speaking of which, if I add you as a tester and you don't give me any feedback, you will be removed.