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Lambta.co makes comedy sketches, cartoons, and games. Since I don't know what the purpose of friending is on NG, I'll be denying all requests.
Used to be MCSM Studios, and before that The_Green_M. Apologies for some of my more edgy older content.

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Lambtaco's News

Posted by Lambtaco - September 16th, 2008

I've made some progress in Koopa 2. Fixed a bunch of coding stuff and made 2 new levels. I'm able to make levels alot faster than I thought. About 1 per day, plus a bit more time when I need to make a new enemy or object. The levels seem a little shorter than AKR1, but a bunch of people complained they were too long anyway.

I'm calling on my fans for a couple of things. First, I need some better music to replace the song in the demo. I liked it at first, but that song gets irritating fast. The song also needs to fit, so it can't be power metal or something like that, it needs to be music you wouldn't be surprised to hear in a Mario game.

Second, I need some enemy ideas for an undeground level. They should be normally good guys like the rest of the AKR enemies. Something to act like a Buzzy Beetle would be great.

I'm also looking for day and night songs for each level theme. Some levels will be day and some night. This is so you won't hear the same desert song over and over in the desert world for example. I have a lot of songs already, but I'd like to replace them with something better. Here are the level themes:

Plains, a standard 2D Mario level (like in the demo)
Forest, kinda dark and mysterious
Sky, like up in the clouds, fast paced music
Shrooms, on top of giant mushrooms (like SMB or NSMB)
Caves, there are always caves
Ice, bright and white
Under Water, obligatory level theme
Desert, dry and hot
Volcano, lots of lava and fire
Ghost Houses, I want them to be really spooky
Castles, each of the 7 or 8 castles will have it's own musical theme
Map, I still need some good map music.
Bonus Stage, fast and peppy, full of fun

It seems like I'm asking a lot, but it's all voluntary,and you're on newgrounds so it's unlikely you have something important to do. Remember to use the Audio Portal.

Koopa 2 Progress

Posted by Lambtaco - August 28th, 2008

Today I added the About Us section to my site. Visit if you want to learn a little more about the MCSM Studios crew and how we got started. Also, tell me if you think the Flash on the page is cool.

About Us

Posted by Lambtaco - August 22nd, 2008

I've updated my site a bit. There's now a new section where people can go to get versions of my games that aren't sitelocked to MCSM Studios or NG. The benefit to me is they have rather large links to my site in the menus. And I added an ad to the view pages, more internet moneys for me.

Here's the new section.

I'd post this on my own site too, but I can't get into CuteNews. It's being stupid. So if anyone reading this knows how I can get it working again, or a decent (and free) replacement, let me know. I can't sign in and it doesn't seem to recognize anything as my username, I tried stuff like admin, but I can't even get it to send me an email with my password.

Good News: I'm now making enough money from ads to pay for the hosting fees :D

Also, I was wondering that if I started up the MCSM forums again, if anyone would actually join them. Now that I know I actually have fans, I'm considering reopening the forums. I may also be looking for mods too. So many sites have inactive forums nowadays. I assume they're used to try and get a community going, but I've discovered it community first, then forums.

Posted by Lambtaco - August 11th, 2008

A few days ago I finally got a demo ready for AKR2. I let the regular readers of my userpage try it out and there appear to be no huge errors. So here it is for the public to enjoy.


It's the complete first level of the game. You won't get a chance to see the map screen or the bonus game, and not all the graphics are finished, but I hope you like it anyway. Keep in mind this level is a sort of homage to the original Super Mario Bros. so there isn't a large variety of enemies yet.

I'm looking to get some suggestions, just don't demand things of me. What did you like? What did you not like? What would you like to see added? Do you like the music, or would you like to see it changed? Is it easy enough for the first level?

You can check out my last entry to see some of the comments and explainations.

Posted by Lambtaco - August 10th, 2008

I got it to demo stage! You can't play the map screen or the bonus game, but the entire first level is playable. Some of the graphics aren't done, but I bet you can't tell anyway. Just play this baby, I've been working on it all day, and I mean that literally.

Give me some suggestions. Feedback is always nice. What do you like about it? What don't you like about it? What would you like to see added? Keep in mind it's unfinished and there will be more stuff in the final game. There's a little gameplay twist that isn't in the demo either.

The music also isn't final so I'm open to suggestions on that.

I'm not going to make a front page post about it yet because I'm not sure if there are any bugs still in it, and it's not a great time for NG webtrafficwise. I may make a topic about it on the BBS later too. Feel free to link to it in your sig :D

I tried really hard to make sure the level isn't too difficult like the first game.

A Koopa's Revenge II Demo


Posted by Lambtaco - July 28th, 2008

So I was playing the old version of A Koopa's Revenge II. The demo that was in the NG.mag alpha. And man, does it ever suck. The art style is lame, most of the art is traced, and the tweens are uneased and have only one joint per limb. Then there's the resolution problem, the blocks are so huge you can't see the ground when you jump. And the physics are terrible, the gravity is too slow, and it takes too long to run up to full speed aswell as slowing down again. I couldn't see it at the time, but it really blew.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm glad I started from scratch. The old Koopa 2 may actually be worse than the first. You guys won't be disappointed with this game. It was totally worth it to restart.

Old Koopa 2

Posted by Lambtaco - July 14th, 2008

I was sort of taking a bit of a hiatus form Koopa 2. A number of factors really, I was spending too much time at work, it was too hot in my room (damn heat wave), but most of all I got really tired of working on the main game engine. I solved the heat problem by buying an air conditioner (thanks to problem 1 ironically), and I'm not working on the main game engine right now.

Good news: I'm working on it again.
Bad news: a gameplay demo won't be coming anytime soon.

Although I've been working on a bonus game engine, and I'd like to get some feedback on it when it's at a presentable stage. Which should be soon; it's less complicated than the main game but a bit more experimental. You'll know what I'm talking about when you play it.

I'll be needing some peppy bonus stage music, so if anyone knows of some on the audio portal give me a link. I could use some map music too. I'll just say I'd like the music to fit the theme of the first game, nothing too dark; although that seems impossible on the audio portal, everyone thinks they're super hardcore.

Posted by Lambtaco - June 23rd, 2008

I submitted a cartoon for bytesize, yay!

Has anyone else noticed bytesize really needs to be updated? There's stuff in there about the prizes for Pico Day still. Anyway, if my thing gets in you'll all be able to see it.

Update, June 26th: No word yet. Anybody know how to submit the buggers (bytesize cartoons)? I just sent an email as it said in the really old news post.

Update, July 1st: Okay, still nothing. I'm too lazy to look up how to do this, but if anyone knows how let me know.

Update, July 4th: Apparently, Tom is putting an end to it, which is really gay. Only days after I make one. I spent months trying to come up with an idea. All my ideas were either too retarded or not retarded enough and when I finally get a perfect idea...

I PM'd Tom. Let's hope he answers.

Update, July 7th: Finally got an email response. I knew it would take a while but damn; Tom's a busy dude. He asked for the .fla so I can assume Bytesize isn't over like I thought before. Sweetness, eh?

Update, July 10th: I just checked the bytesize and my cartoon is in there. But they cut the boner part. It was probably too long. Oh well, I'll live.

Posted by Lambtaco - May 19th, 2008

I have officially cancelled Scribble Koopa, the RPG retelling of the original AKR story. I wanted to see if I could do a Paper Mario Style game, and I could so I lost interest. It had a scribbly style to go with the paper style. It had a pseudo 3D thing going on. And timed button presses for attacks. It's a bit of a loss, but sometimes you have to trim the fat.

Anyway, Here's the demo.

Working on Koopa 2 still. I've got the list of power-ups pretty well done, but you can still expect changes and I'm open to suggestions.

Here are the powerups:
Green shell- Standard shell, Koopa can break bricks, slide in his shell, hide in his shell, and get hit without dieing
Orange shell- Koopa throws fireballs, like Mario
Purple shell- Koopa has wings, wings flap to slow descent, spin attack, and you can fly if you run enough, like SMB3
Black shell- Koopa is a Hamer Bro. and throws hammers in arcs
Red shell- Koopa wears a spiny shell
Yellow shell- Koopa throws lightning bolts that turn eneies into coins
Blue shell- Koopa can swim with directional keys and is more agile in water
White shell- Drybones power, throws bones and can walk in lava
Pink shell- Koopa Tanooki thingus.
Brown- Just an extra hit over the green shell

You may have notice I changed the powerups from the last game, they're different colours and they work a little differently too. The way they are now is how I would have had them work in the first game had I the programming ability at the time.

Posted by Lambtaco - April 19th, 2008

After my April Fools prank I became aware of enough interest to actually get started on this game. I've done a lot so far in such a short time, and I've actually got a plan of how I'm going to create it. I've even been listening to music on the Audio Portal as I create the game to choose the music and save some time.

I'm still open to suggestions while the game is in the early stages. In particular I'd like to hear any ideas for abilities koopa could have. In the first game the red shell allowed Koopa to breathe fire and the Blue gave him wings. I've already got a bunch made up, including hammer bros., but I don't think they'll all make the cut. Also any music form the audio portal you think might suit the game would be nice. It's not just Mario music.

I can't give a release date yet, it really depends on how long I make the game. I'm planning on making it pretty long so don't expect to see it next month. I may release a demo though, so keep an eye out for it.

A Koopa's Revenge I

Please comment. That is all.

Koopa 2 in the works for real.