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Lambtaco's News

Posted by Lambtaco - December 20th, 2013

It's time to look over the music in AKR2 and get things settled for the final game. Here's a comprehensive list of the songs used in-game and my thoughts on them. Some I will be replacing, and I'm taking suggestions. Bear in mind I'd like the game to have a fairly original soundtrack.

  1. ! Menu - Currently reusing the first game's menu theme. I think something similar would work well. where it starts calm and then kicks in later.
  2. ! Map Day - A bit plain. Also rather too chiptuney for what I'm going for. Going to need something better. It's almost boring. I've grown to hate this.
  3. Map Night - I rather like this one. Fits the tone I want to set for nighttime quite well. And it gets to the point quickly but still goes on for a while. Not likely to replace this.
  4. Invincibility - This works well enough. Gets the point across, as it's hectic and fun. But I feel it could be better.
  5. Bonus Room - This is pretty decent. Gives the bonus room feel, not TOO energetic. This works fine, but I could see something better coming up.
  6. Standard Day - I rather like this. Got kind of retro feel without being a chiptune. Still not my favourite though. Can be replaced. Seeing as these themes (standard day and night) will have to carry the game. People seem to like this one, so it will be hard to top.
  7. Standard Night - This is okay, I guess. It doesn't quite have the Mario vibe I want for the game though. I'll certainly replace this one before releasing the game. Positive feedback here too, and it seems to be growing on me, which is odd because I usually grow to dislike the songs with time. I don't really like just listening to it, but in-game it works.
  8. Athletic Day - I really like this one, but it was in Castle Crashers, so I'd like to use something less familiar. For levels that have a lot of activity. Updated: It's been brought to my attention that the full song wasn't used in Castle Crashers, so I will likely use this afterall.
  9. Athletic Night - Still takes a while to start up, but nothing drastic, and it's long enough that I can cut the intro or something. Complements the day theme fairly well.
  10. ! Underground Day - Doesn't really do it for me. Fits the theme, but I find it to be a bit grating. Would like to replace. Heard some positive feedback, but I just know I can do better. It doesn't feel serious enough. It also doesn't get any less annoying with repeated listenings.
  11. Underground Night - More what I need for underground than the older night theme. A good balance between serious and silly.
  12. First Castle - Went for something a bit more videogamey here. It's not exactly a Mario theme, butI think it works, and has just a touch of epicness.
  13. ! Boss Battle - I like that this one starts up quickly, but it doesn't really go anywhere. Feels kinda simple and too chiptuney. Need a better one. At this point I consider this song a placeholder.
  14. Desert Day - The Genesis sounds make it sem a bit Sonicy, but it feels much more like a video game than the old theme. It's also a more active. (I kinda jumped on the first desert themes I found when I started this project, as finding a theme for the first game was a nightmare.)
  15. Desert Night - Another very viedogamey one. It's a bit too Banjo Kazooie for my tastes, but I think tohers will like it.
  16. Ghost House Day - I like this one. It's got a very Mario feel to it, while still being an original piece.
  17. ! Ghost House Night - I only recently decided to split the Ghost Houses into day/ night themes, so nothing yet. I haven't really looked for this one yet, but given the vast number of spooky songs on the portal, it shouldn't be hard to find.
  18. Great Pyramid - I like the ominous feeling. The slow build actually seems to work for this one. And it suits the level well. Most likely going to keep it.
  19. Underwater Day - This one is awesome. Feels very much like how the water levels play. And it goes well with the night theme. Great loopage too.
  20. Underwater Night - It has the night feeling, and retains water (pun intended?) It's also a good length, maybe a bit on the short side. I don't like it as much as the day theme, but I'm willing to accept it.
  21. Inside the Whale - This one has it's charm, but I can totally see this one going in a completely different direction. Just not goofy, I want all the boss levels to be serious. I may want to darken the stage itself to match this song.
  22. Snow Day - Fits the mood of the level. Feels enough like a song from a Mario game. This'll do pig, this'll do. I may cut the intro though, it's annoying and the piece will loop better without it.
  23. Snow Night - Very good energy in this. Feels night and snow enough. A bit too reminiscent of Sonic though, particularly with those "go!" sounds.
  24. Factory - This one is awesome. It's a great song and the remix fits this level extremely well. I might cut it down, as it's like 6 minutes long and doesn't really need to be, but this one's staying in.
  25. Airship - Another good one. Feels like the SMB3 airship theme, but more badass. Fits very well with the outdoor portions of the level. It's nice and short too.
  26. Final Castle - Fast paced and energetic. It lets you know something big is about to happen. It's unique enough without clashing with the varied environments. Though, that's not to say something else couldn't be better.
  27. Final Boss - I feel this has the gravity the encounter needs. It's kind of slow, but it matches the fight. Most importantly it pairs with the next song.
  28. Finaler Boss - Cranks up the last encounter and mutates it. It's a tad short, but the fight is hectic enough that I doubt it will matter for most players.
  29. ! Finalest Boss - The final boss theme from the first game. I think I need something that feels more hopeless than this. Something that just says, "you're fucked," but with energy.
  30. Game Over - I think I may have found something. But I consider it a backup. Open to suggestions, but it needs to be short.

That's the whole deal. Any suggestions could help, particularly from testers as they know what the levels look and play like. I'll be updating my thoughts base on feedback, so look for that in italics. Entries preceeded by an exclamation point require replacement before the game can come out.

Posted by Lambtaco - November 15th, 2013

A Koopa's Revenge 2 beta begins now. I ask all beta-testers to report to me, either by commenting on this post or PMing me, any bugs, errors or mistakes. Also any parts where you might find confusing or too difficult.

Here's a list of known bugs:

  • Wall jumping doesn't always happen when you're touching a wall.

I'll add to the list as things come to light. There are probably a bunch I just can't recall at the moment.

Here's a list of things I intend to change or add:

  • There will be a screen showing the controls and such when you select new game. Also prompting the user to try joy2key.
  • Change some of the songs in the game. Edit others to be more loopable.
  • Super secret final boss.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Not being able to move from switch palaces on the map.
  • Boss doors now work properly.
  • Music is on everywhere it should be.
  • Falling through floor after hitting the goalpost glitch is gone.
  • Menus are navigable using arrow keys.
  • Fireballs don't bounce in place for no reason.

Here's the beta: http://www.newgrounds.com/projects/games/528371/preview

Anyone who would like to be a tester, tell me why you want to test, and I may add you.

And remember to check back at this post for updates.

Update: I deleted all the testers who never gave feedback. If I deleted you, and you did give feedback, sorry. Just PM me and I'll reinstate you.

Posted by Lambtaco - October 21st, 2013

Starting November 16th 2013 I'll be running a closed beta for my long awaited sequel game, A Koopa's Revenge 2. I'm looking for volunteer beta testers. Professionalism is appreciated, but I'm not going to be too picky. Anyone interested can leave a comment or PM me, and tell me why you want to beta test the game (just something so I can weed out people who will be too lazy to give feedback)

I've been procrastinating on this for ages. Mostly because of a feeling of, "It's been years, what's another month?" It's time to stop that shit. The game's basically done in my head, I just need to get the remaining code and art down on the page. I'll start the beta November 16th whether or not the game is completed.

Here's the (now laughably outdated) first game:

A Koopa's Revenge 2 Beta Starting November 16th

Posted by Lambtaco - December 4th, 2011

Finally got that airship done. Took a lot of work. Needed to make new enemies, backgrounds, and scrolling mechanics. The boss was quite animation intensive too. Next stop, Mario's Castle, the final full length level. Hell, it will probably end up being a huge level.

I'll mention again, for every 5 facebook fans MCSM Studios gets, I'll upload 5 Koopa 2 screenshots. http://www.facebook.com/mcsmstudios

One level to go.

Posted by Lambtaco - November 13th, 2011

Been a while. Working on Koopa 2 a bit these days. Finished the sky themed level. Now it's just the Airship and the Castle left. Plus the bosses for those levels, and the secret ending boss. But after that there's not much left but fixing bugs, tweaking level designs and then beta-testing. I'll get this monster done even if it takes four years.

Two levels to go

Posted by Lambtaco - July 23rd, 2011

Firstly, here's the cartoon. Contest Entry Version NG Version Youtube Version

So, the Canadian Cable channel Teletoon has been running a contest where people submit <5 minute animated pilots for a chance to air on TV and win a grand prize of $10 000 and a trip to an animation festival in Ottawa. I really want to win $10 000 dollars. Really, I do. I desperately need a new computer.

I'm asking that you check it out, and if you like it, post something positive on the Teletoon site, and maybe give it a thumbs up. Link Again. NG has thus far been very supportive (Daily 5th on a day with good submisions) It seems many other submissions to the contest are funneling support at their cartoons and I don't want to be left out. Some of these videos have hundreds of votes while others have about ten, so it's clear they're also directing traffic from somewheres. Not to mention many comments address the creators by name, when it's not displayed anywhere.

The contest is still in the early stages, and the five finalists will be decided by a panel of judges (results announced August 1st) but any support could sway their opinions. I'm pretty sure mine is at least in the top five, as most of them are downright awful. Though I haven't seen every one of them.

Anyway, lend me some support, please and tank joo.

Update: Didn't make the finals (sad face)

Help me Obi wan Newgrounds, you're my only hope

Posted by Lambtaco - May 3rd, 2011

Today is the fifth anniversary of my website. Hard to believe it's been five years already. Mostly becasue it only seems like I've gotten two years worth of stuff done. Anyway, I made a video to celebrate and here it is:

We've also finally got a good url for our facebook page: www.facebook.com/mcsmstudios

In Koopa 2 news, I finally got Shyguy into the game as a playable character. You would have known this sooner if you were a fan on facebook.

Posted by Lambtaco - March 25th, 2011

I present MCSM Studios latest video. It's a commercial for our new egg-cracking device, the EGG-MACHO.

All shall bow to my might!

Posted by Lambtaco - March 12th, 2011

It took a long while but the Factory is done. I had to make a new tileset, 3 new enemies, and a boss. I also fixed some bugs and added some very interesting secrets to the game. Secrets which are Nintendo related, but not Mario related.

There are more screenshots on the MCSM Studios Facebook Page and for every new fan we get I release another screen shot. (hint, hint)

Three Levels to Go

Posted by Lambtaco - February 9th, 2011

Just finished up the ice-cave level, been working on it all day and night. Four levels, and five bosses to go.

Four levels to go